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May 14, 2009
Manifest (no destiny)

Pursuant (heh) to my last post and as the result of various wild-eyed, ranting, rightwing fanatics who have been screaming, from their safe position of incipient fascism, that the Left has gone Socialist (Remember when we were just covert Commies? Sometimes I miss those days.), I've been wondering how I can help.

I've been pondering some kind of nanifesto. Only, not exactly. I mean, not so much a set of legitimate political/social beliefs or a contract or anything. No, more as fuel for the fire in which, if we're lucky, the Republican Party is about to immolate itself.* ("Help" is a relative term.)

I don't have it all combed out yet (it's only been ten minutes), but I thought I'd share some starting points, starting with the point that today I'm feeling pissy at corporations. Thus, today's installment is the Not Manifesto.

I Am Not A Consumer
Multinational corporate wishing thinking notwithstanding, I was not put on this planet for the purpose of consuming product. I am not a cog in the production-consumption wheel. Beyond those expenditures I need for survival (housing, food, books), I shop only occasionally, for amusement, and rarely purchasing items labeled as "all new!" due to a change in packaging color, size, or accessory function.

Take note that when I make a major purchase, from a vacuum cleaner to an automobile, I purchase only those brands and models warranted to last for decades. I do not live a disposable lifestyle.* *

I Am Not A Labor Unit
Nor am I a resource, an expense, or an expendable rat on the corporate treadmill. As of this moment, I am also not a Reaganomics Cheap Labor source. I am intelligent, educated, hard-working, and more committed than I pretend I am to my employer's success. For what I'm worth, you could hire two high school or recent college graduates, yes. Go ahead and hire them--I can outwork them both.

However, my commitment to my employer's success ceases at the moment said employer ceases to pay me, or that I find a better opportunity.

My disinterest in hanging around an ungrateful employer for the long term is the direct result of corporate disinclination to care about employee well-being in the long term. Corporations helped invent the concept of disposable labor. I decline to be any more disposable than they are.

I Am Not Your Mother
Corporations went all the way to the Supreme Court to be declared "people." You wanted it, you got it. If your self-inflicted injuries are now causing your own bad health? I feel pity for your stupidity but I don't share your paidn. I feel no inclination to step in with a bandage and a cup of tea. You broke it, you bought it.

You incurred the debt. You pay it back. I'm saving my money for a year's supply of bon-bons and that's more important to me than bailing you out of your own mess. My Uncle Sam, completely against my wishes, has already spent lots, although not all of the money forcibly extorted out of me with the promise it would be there when I retired, so all future bon-bons have to come out of my pockets.* * * I can't afford to support your Jaguar lifestyle on my candy bar income. (And I wouldn't even if I could.)

Updates as events, or drops in my blood sugar, warrant.


* On the off chance that someone new stumbles across this page, let me reiterate that I have nothing against conservatism, per se. For instance, I'm attracted to "conservative" as it's related to "prudent." But today's Republican Party is neither conservative (aside from their fondness for Old Testament religious practices and beliefs) nor prudent. What this country needs is a Republican Party less afraid of women's nipples and more afraid of financial malfeasance.

* * Okay. Paper towels and razors. But not otherwise.

* * * Before anyone starts shouting, let me say that I did anticipate buying my own bon-bons. I had my own savings plans, aside from the Social Security issue. I started young and saved with reasonable generosity. Had it not been for Clinton's tech bust and eight years of Bonehead & Crookface, I would have enough to live on--if not in "wealth" at least in reasonable comfort.

Posted by AnneZook at 02:40 PM


I think the implications of corporate personhood should be carried further: the government should be able to imprison -- suspend operations -- or execute -- close entirely --- companies for the same kinds of violations of law that affect individuals. And officers of companies convicted of crimes should have a criminal record attached which bars them from employment as an officer of a similar corporation.

Also, yes, consumerism is dead. Companies that don't wake up to that will follow suit shortly.

Posted by: Ahistoricality at May 15, 2009 09:41 AM