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June 08, 2009
We Have Met The Enemy....

We have to guard against cruelty in ourselves ....", President Obama said, after visiting Buchenwald.

I wonder if he understands that what he saw in Germany is precisely the reason this country needs to lay out everything to do with our recent descent into madness and torture, to publicly and formally condemn ourselves, and to ritually dedicate ourselves anew to, in fact, being the America most of us are pretending we are?

I wonder if he understands that no one** wakes up one morning and decides to indulge in a spot of light genocide or thinks, "Ahhh! Today's the day I start being evil!"

These things happen one step at a time.

Deciding that what would be immoral and illegal if it happened next door is okay if it happens so far away you can't hear the screaming--that's a pretty big sign. And that deciding that some people are less human than others and that you can waterboard them like a dirty shirt--that's a big, flashing red light that you're on the wrong path.

Partisanship has nothing to do with it. The stinking carcass of Bush & Cheney's determination to seize Iraq's oil assets at all costs has to be dealt with. There isn't a rug in the world big enough to sweep this mess under and Obama does himself, his children, his country, and the honor of the office he holds all a disservice with his determination to avoid confronting what we have become.


** Sociopaths aside

Posted by AnneZook at 09:36 AM