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September 11, 2009
I'm Not Always Right, But I'm Always Loud

Republicans? Do not "share" power.
Republicans? Take power when they have it and do what they want with it.
Republicans? Believe "sharing" is a sign of weakness.
Republicans? View Democrats' unwillingness to use the power they've won as impotence, not restraint, and as an opening through which they, the Republicans, can take back power without having to wait for another White House run.

For eight years we watched those in control of the Republican Party trying to dismantle this country. Following, broadly, along the lines of Reagan and his cohorts, they dismantled worker and environmental protections. They weakened legal protections for individuals while loosening restraints that kept corporations from running amok and indulging in, for instance, massive financial fraud. They came near to completing the population's transition from "citizen" or "voter" to pure consumer.* They even, with a sop to their "small government" roots, made a concerted attempt to bankrupt the country.* *

Bush and Cheney and their conspirators lied, cheated, tortured, and murdered. They treated the Constitution as a nuisance and every citizen of this country as a potential terrorist.

Mr. Obama rode into the White House on a massive surge of popularity and support that was as much about repudiating the Torture Czar & Co as anything else.

He talked about what, at the end of the day, matters more to most of us than the increasingly shrill and unbelievable proclamations of "Mission Accomplished" coming from the White House. He talked about restoring our faith in our country and ourselves, about resuming our position among the world's "good guy" countries. He talked about universal health care.

Access to health care. Guaranteed. If you need a doctor, you can see a doctor. Don't worry about the bill.

The Right? Wigged. Out. Totally and completely. A popular Democratic President was bad enough, but a guy who actually intended to, you know, do things in Washington?

Do--ohmigod!--LEFTY things? A guy who intended to take people's tax dollars and spend them helping people?

The Rightwing Machine went into action and six months later the waters are so muddy that people without health insurance and desperately in need of health care seem to be wavering on whether or they actually support the President.

Republicans pretend to care about "small business" while they rake in huge campaign contributions from the very monolithic corporations driving independents businesses under across the country, and they pretend to care while they're fighting a bitter battle to defeat one idea that would offer massive benefit to small businesses.

A public option, a true public option would lift the burden of providing health care insurance from the backs and the red ink side of the ledger books of almost every small business in the country. Even a contributory public option would bring a collective sigh of relief--and free up a ton of money for economy-boosting capital expenditures.

Money spent in the country benefits the country--it circulates and boosts the personal and national economies.

I know somewhere in that simple thought is something that the Right fears more than, well, almost anything. I just can't figure out what it is.

Why is it okay to spend a trillion dollars butchering people in Iraq, but not okay to spend ten billion dollars saving people in the United States?

As far as that goes, why is investing in this country anathema to the Right? How do they think their corporate campaign contributors will move their goods if the roads crumble, the bridges crumple, and the rail lines disintegrate?

Who do they think will do that all-important 'consuming' when the South is in ruins from hurricanes, the Midwest is under two feet of floodwaters, and the West Coast is burnt to a crisp?

What are they thinking?


* It surpasses belief. I couldn't believe it then and I still don't. Bush's suggestion for how we could pull together to get past 9/11 was for everyone to go shopping.

That, I think, more than anything else we've ever seen, illustrates how They see us, don't you think? There's an odd and unsettling sort of disassociation in the concept--we are not people or citizens or voters. We are--unpersons. Merely consumers. (Really, if you look at it that way, it's very sociopathic.) (It's always a good day for me when I find a way to call Bush names.)

* * How else would you define a Medicare 'prescription benefit' structured to wreak budgetary havoc while benefiting major campaign contributors, serious attempts to drain the Social Security trust dry, and invading Iraq when we were already fighting a major war in Afghanistan? Add their systemic work to raze environmental, worker, food, and legal protections for the planet and the people and it all starts to look rather nasty.

Posted by AnneZook at 11:11 AM


Money spent in the country benefits the country

Whereas "military" expenditures benefit just the contractors who are major Republican contributors (or officeholders with stock options!), with a little extra combat pay coming into mostly red-state military base economies.

They're not stupid: they're evil.

Posted by: Ahistoricality at September 12, 2009 10:43 AM