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May 05, 2010

If I lived in Whitney, I'd totally vote Looney. Among other things, they promise banning superheroes from using their powers for evil. Who wouldn't vote to for that? (Although, remember the recent debacle of Bonehead & Crookface, I might ask them to add wannabe superheros to the ban.)

I'm glad I'm not in Montgomery County, Maryland, though. Even if I was, I wouldn't vote for corporate person Murray Hill for Congress. It is running as a Republican because of the party's pro-corporate agenda That's not even funny.

Repugnicans--that is Republicans--really do care about the little people. Don't be fooled by their actual policies or anything. Know that they care deeply about people. Or, at least, their favorite sloansr. (Of course, once you've found the words, you have to have another fight over who gets to define them.

Republicans have been repugnant (couldn't resist) for a long time. Those of you who think Reagan's immoral and unethical (at best) secret work to prevent the hostages in Iran from being released during Carter's presidency were an anomaly need to learn more about treasonous Tricky Dick.

No. Seriously. Nixon and Reagan and Bush always said all these things maybe happened on their watch but totally and completely without their knowledge.

Take your pick--is the Republican 'leadership' completely dishonest and corrupt, or are they just all really, really stupid?

Posted by AnneZook at 12:38 PM