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November 17, 2016
I'm back on Cartesian Dualism

I disagree with a href="http://www.allaboutphilosophy.org/cartesian-dualism-faq.htm" target="new">the closing paragraph of this description of Cartesian Dualism.

This concept is difficult to accept for those with a secular humanist, materialist, and evolutionist worldview because accepting it is accepting supernaturalism. Consequently, Bible believers accept dualism and people with the opposite worldview find themselves obligated to reject it.

I'm not a Bible believer and have never thought of the concept in religious terms. Nor do I find thinking of my "mind" as an actual thing, separate from my body, a particularly superstitious act.*

Superstition: a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, occurrence, proceeding, or the like.

I'd say trying to assert that the human mind is completely divorced from "reason" or "knowledge" is absurd. Our minds--thoughts--patently exist. We have knowledge that they exist--the whole cogito ergo sum thing.

The question of a related/associated "soul" of some kind is what's superstition, and the existence of our brains in no way implies that a "soul" exists, but I think there's no question but that "thought" is a real thing. A thought can implement and experience change. It can act upon or be acted upon. That's pretty real.


* I don't think anyone who has ever tried to lose weight or quit smoking would deny that they have a mind and it's not always on the side of what's best for their body.

Posted by AnneZook at 11:05 AM