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August 21, 2002
It's a SMACKdown!

Before I get started, I'd like to point out that I am annoyed when people forget that there's both a North America and a South America, and that these are continents, not countries. Each of these continents is shared by different countries. There's even a Central American, neither fish nor fowl, with completely different countries.

So, if you want to diss the USofA, then diss us, but stop kicking Canada and Mexico and Panama, et. al., at the same time.

Anyhow. Topic time.

It would seem that we're a pretty lousy bunch, here in the old USofA, according to Canadian W. R. McDougall who is frothing with rage over our despicable, murderous behavior.

(It would also seem that this infuriated Canadian has forgotten that his country is located in North America, so when he trashes "America" in this generic fashion, he's kicking his own country in the teeth as much as their neighbor to the south, but I already ranted on that subject.)

The article in the Baltimore Chronicle is marked, "READ AT YOUR OWN RISK" for a reason. This is an inflammatory document that spans the range from accusing U.S. citizens of being implicit conspirators in the assassination of JFK to not really caring about the details behind the events of 9/11 with a few potshots at the Federal Reserve, the FDA, and people who watch "Cops" in the mix.

Somewhere in there we're also blamed for the meltdown of Argentina's economy but as no details are given, I'm not sure why Argentina was singled out over, say, Mexico or some other country we've had economic relations with in the last hundred years or so. When I have a few minutes (I'm supposed to be working after all), I'll check it out.

This guy's primary mission seems to be telling us that our government is in the hands of evil-minded despots who have been lying, murdering, and cheating for years, all in the name of "Truth, Justice, and the American Way."

Upon first reading, the article is mildly amusing.

Dark, evil operations run rampant in the secret corners of your government institutions.

Sometimes I wonder why everyone in the world but us is convinced that our federal government is organized and efficient. I'm just saying. It's a mistake to confuse a lousy filing system with a deeply laid plot to take over the world. If they tell you they can't find the memo, it's because the lady who knows where they put it took the day off to visit her chiropractor, okay? It's not because the memo is full of Highly Secret Intelligence Information. They. Just. Can't. Find. It.
"...crooked multinationals like Monsanto buy up the world's water supplies and take possession of the world's vegetation through Frankenstein technology already known to cause illness "

Monsanto is using Frankenstein technology to do its shopping? Since when? Is is shareware?

And when did Monsanto go into the water business? Is it actually possible to corner the market on water? Or vegetation? How about the flowers outside this building? Does Monsanto own them? Because if they do, I want to file a complaint. The red ones need pruning.

He claims that private banks issue our currency, although there's some confusion in his words that seems to indicate that banks lending money out at interest is somehow our "currency" which is probably some deeply intelligent economic concept that I don't have the patience to puzzle out right now but I'd like to assure everyone reading this that no, you're not going to be able to stop paying your mortgage interest on the basis that it's unconstitutional. Just write the check.

He also claims that the Federal Reserve is a front for "ravenous, international private banking interests," which is an interesting concept and, taken with the previous remark, seems to indicate he's got some kind of grudge against private banks. He should have just written the check.

He also blames us for Africa. Either that, or Africa is what we're going to become, it's not easy to pick out meaning when the speaker is foaming at the mouth.

Seriously, I don't really think the FBI or the CIA or the NSA or any of our other acronymic security agencies did in JFK. How often did those guys try to do in Castro and fail? Or Hussein? Our military bombed all over Afghanistan and thanks to a lack of intelligence about their whereabouts, missed most of the leadership of al Qaeda.

We couldn't put together a decent assassination if you gave us an autographed copy of Assassination For Dummies, okay? I see no reason to believe we were more competent in that arena forty years ago than we are today. I also refuse to believe that anyone, even in Washington, actually contemplated the promotion of LBJ to the Presidency with anything except abject horror.

Upon my next reading, I feel a vague uneasiness. Rhetoric aside, we're being accused of willful blindness and complacency. And I'm not sure why, but I know people are always saying this about the US. (Maybe it's the millions upon millions of Americans who don't choose to exercise their right to vote each year. I wonder, after the disaster of our last presidential election, if some of them will choose to turn out the next time a major race is underway?)

I do stop and consider whether or not this is true when I read it, okay? I don't watch "Cops" and my brain isn't yet completely vacant. The thing is, you see, I never understand what they think we're being so complacent about.

Any information on this subject would be appreciated.

Moving right along, I don't think Americans are as apathetic as they look to outsiders who know nothing of us except what the major news networks choose to cover in their nightly, thirty-minute reports. It's a mistake to judge an entire country on the basis of Dan Rather having a bad hair day, okay?

And I think that claiming, even indirectly, that the U.S. government actually sanctioned the attacks of 9/11 goes beyond what's acceptable. Far beyond. I wouldn't be surprised if that one line in the letter is the reason that the newspaper (The Washington Post is who he directed his letter to) has not yet decided to publish it in their print edition.

If so much "earth friendly" technology exists as he claims, why isn't Canada canceling next year's oil import order? Why isn't Great Britain shutting down her coal mines? Is France converting to earth-friendly technology this year? Next year? Australia? China? Anyone?

In reference to the remarks he made about the conflicts in the Mideast between the Israelis and the Palestinians, let me point out two things: (A) His Palestinian bias is showing; and (B) We didn't create that situation. Great Britain did. Admittedly, Palestinians would probably have slaughtered all the Israelis by now without our support which would have ended the conflict, if that's what he's looking for so, yes, we'll take the responsibility for keeping them alive.

Aside from that, few people in the U.S. today are claiming that we haven't made a fair number of mistakes in how we've involved ourselves in that mess over the years. I'm glad to know Canada is so superior that they've never made any mistakes in trying to bring peace to various parts of the world. (When was the last time Canadians took the lead in a task like that again? I can't quite remember.)

Mostly the guy is a nutcase, but I think the Washington Post, to whom he addressed this opus, should print it. He may not be a U.S. citizen, but he's entitled to his say.

Still, he needs to understand that we're not going to take to the streets in our millions and march on Washington D.C., to demand they throw out Bush and install Ralph Nader in the seat of power no matter what anyone says. I think Ralph is a good guy, but I don't think he's really what we need.

Of course, I've never thought George Bush was what we needed either.

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Let's Get Peevish

Let's all get together and hate the politicians for a second.

"A tin horn politician with the manner of a rural corn doctor and the mien of a ham actor"
(Henry Mencken on William G Harding, but I think it's suitable for today as well)

Mencken also said, "The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed, and hence clamourous to be led to safety, by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary" and I think that's frighteningly true.

"We need no grave to bury honesty, there's not a grain of it the face to sweeten of the whole dungy earth."
--Shakespeare (The Winter's Tale)

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