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August 29, 2002
The Mouth Speaks

The Mouth of Sauron spoke to those too insignificant to warrant the Master's attention.

I'm beginning to think of our illustrious (not) ViP in this capacity as he repeatedly takes on the futile task of making a case for convince the public his master's boss's plan to launch a war against Iraq.

Especially when I read that a "senior administration official" said that "President Bush "should not make the case" until he has made a decision about how to bring an end to Saddam's leadership." That, you understand, was how they explained that we're mostly only hearing Cheney on the subject, but we're hearing him make the same speech again and again.

Sauron doesn't speak until The Mouth's endeavor to enforce obedience to Sauon's dictates fails.

I continue to believe that all of this posturing and posing on the part of White House officials is a futile attempt to make the Bush-leaguer look like a leader and I remain unconvinced. Nothing looks weaker than a man who so obviously has his heart set on a course of action and yet who doesn't have the courage to stand up and say so personally.

I also think that most of the Prez's advisors are against the war and that their careful attention to distinguishing "the President" from his advisors and staff in their press briefings is an indication that they're hoping to distance themselves from his ill-advised aims.

If so, I applaud them. This war is a stupid idea.

It's not Big Brother's business to try and prevent what might happen some day.

When you look at the Bush-leaguer's rationale, it's frighteningly similar to the tactics of the idiots in Delaware who are trying to compile a database of pictures and names of those who might commit a crime someday.

The only difference is that the Prez wants to kill his potential criminal instead of just putting his name in a file.

Why are you doing this, Georgie-porgie?

Trying to win daddy's approval by completing one of the tasks he couldn't complete when he was in office?

Trying to buy popularity among the public with a Gulf-type war that you think you can win quickly and easily? Danger, Will Robinson! Iraq isn't that easy a nut to crack.

Is there corporate money somewhere in the mix? (Don't pretend to be shocked, okay? When you signed up to run for the presidency, your financial dealings became my business.) Is that it? Got a big money friend with an interest in keeping the middle-east destabilized?

Is it highly-confidential, secret information that you know and think is just too dangerous to publicize? (Bite me, boy. My IQ is probably considerably higher than yours and if people like you didn't make a habit of keeping secrets from people like me then maybe the apathy about politics in this country wouldn't exist.)

Or are you mad because less than a year after 9/11, most of the civilized world is united in condemning your politics, practices, and aspirations? Are you determined to do it your way, no matter what, just to spite the world?

I've got a news flash for you, okay? We don't want your war.

You think Hussein should be dead? Go after him personally.

Put your own ass in danger. (For a change.) Then maybe I'll be convinced of your sincerity. Shamefully, much of the press has been very easy on you about your appalling military record. Sadly, the people who did fight and who have been demanding answers aren't getting any.

Me? All I'm saying is that starting another war that you won't have to fight in isn't exactly the way to convince me or anyone else you've got the stones that your job demands.

Pardon me if I continue to believe you're a lousy leader, a worse politician, and the wrong guy to be sitting in your chair.

Also: the first name on my List, which I've decided to call The Alley, is that of retired Boston FBI agent H. Paul Rico.

Mr. Rico wins, not only for assisting to send the wrong four men to prison for a murder he knew they didn't commit, but for his mind-boggling lack of repentance now that the story has come out.

"What do you want, tears?" Rico shot back at Shays, who accused the agent of feeling no remorse for his role in case. "It'll be probably a nice movie or something," replied the ex-agent, when pressed on the matter.
Is justice blind, deaf, and dumb in this country? We'll know by whether or not Rico and some of his cohorts wind up behind bars, won't we?

I'm not betting on it.

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August 28, 2002

Corporate Shenanigans of Shame

For those who might have forgot, this year will be the 18th anniversary of Union Carbide's infamous chemical spill in Bhopal.

For those who haven't been following the news on this one (and it doesn't get much USofA press, does it?), corpwatchindia.org tells us:

"Dow-Carbide claims that all liabilities arising from the Bhopal gas disaster of 1984 were extinguished by the settlement it reached with the Indian government. Eighteen years after the disaster, the survivors and their children continue to suffer for lack of compensation, and medical and economic rehabilitation. About 95 percent of the victims have received a measly Rs. 25,000 ($500) as "lifetime compensation." Dow-Carbide's public affairs officer Kathy Hunt has declared that "$500 is plenty good for an Indian." Taken over the 18 years, the value of the survivors "lifetime compensation" works out at the price of one cup of tea per day. In fact, Dow-Carbide's liabilities in Bhopal are mounting with every passing day more than 30 people continue to succumb to gas-related health problems every month, and serious birth defects have begun appearing in a new generation of Bhopals children."

$500 is plenty good for an Indian and apparently an uneducated racist is also good enough to be in public relations at Dow-Carbide. If those are their standards, no wonder they had a little accident.

I've been watching the progress of Diane Wilson's hunger strike as it's been journaled at alternet.org and I see that things have been moving a bit recently.

After 30 days on her hunger strike at the gates of the company in Seadrift, Texas, home of another infamous Union Carbide (now Dow-Carbide) "accident" in l991 when an explosion killed 1 worker and injured 34 others, she climbed the fence, chained herself to a tower and hung out a sign demanding justice for Bhopal, India.

Not surprisingly, she was subsequently arrested.

Also not surprisingly in the Bushleaguer's kingdom of Texas, a reporter trying to take pictures of Diane was also arrested because…wait for it…the top of the 70-foot tower, clearly visible from everywhere outside of the fence, was considered a "top-secret" installation.

If you check Bhopal.net from time-to-time, you'll see their running commentary of their attempt to find former Carbide CEO Warren Anderson who has been a fugitive from justice for the past 11 years or so.

Diane's hunger strike isn't entirely altruistic, of course. There's something in it for her. Namely, the health of the San Antonio bay where, before the birds and sealife started washing up dead on the beach, she was a fourth generation shrimp fisherman.

Yep, you guessed it. Dow-Carbide's Seadrift plant dumps its waste (as well as, allegedly, another 12,000 gallon chemical spill this past summer) into that very bay.

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Don't hate me because I'm hateful

You don't know from hateful, okay?

For those who have been following the turmoil surrounding some African nations refusing to allow their starving populations to eat genetically-modified food donated by the USofA, I found this blog entry:

Despite the fact that the maize in question has been milled to prevent cross-breeding, despite the fact that nobody, anywhere, have ever exhibited any adverse signs from eating Biogenetically altered food, despite the fact that the whole anti-Biotech Movement is based on Junk Science, despite the fact that nobody, anywhere, have ever demonstrated how altered plant DNA could miraculously bypass the human digestive system, these sandalled, tofu-eating, holier-than-thou Idiotarian BumFucked Hemorrhoids of Humanity™ are still quite prepared to, and quite successful in, making millions starve as a result of their numbskulled propaganda.

I'm just saying. Anyone who thinks my language is strong hasn't been reading the really interesting blogs online, the ones dealing with everyday news events.

The Anti-Idiotarian-Rottweiler, as quoted above, is one of my favorite newsblogs.

Of course, those of us who care about feeding the starving people (we do eat genetically modified foods here in the USofA, don't we? It's not like we're shipping them something we wouldn't eat ourselves), will be happy to eat this grain ourselves, right?

Happily, we read that alternative food sources have been found.

If you check the side-bar on that last link, you might be interested and impressed to see how many countries managed to step up to the plate and find some extra food to feel these starving people, once the USofA was forced to bow out of the program.

Kind of interesting to see how many countries could but don't because they assume we will, isn't it?

We're the rich uncle. Everyone hates us, but they make sure not to say so as long as we've got our wallets out.

Also, I wonder how many people have died since Zambia's government originally refused to give starving people the original USofA food on August 19th?

And what about the fact that the Zimbabwe government knew that the grain donated by the USofA was probably genetically modified when they accepted the donation? Why get all purer-than-thou a week later and decide that it was probably toxic and might harm the people so, yes, it's there in that building but no, you can't have any?

Are they under the impression that 5.4 million children starving to death isn't harmful to the people?

Also note that the link to the alternate food donations includes the news that food supplies are being shipped along with trucks to take the food to the different towns. That's because the train schedule, including trains that should carry the food supplies has been cut to save money.

Today's tip: If everyone starves to death, no one's going to want to take a train.

In other news, I don't always agree with yellowtimes.org but on the subject of the Bush-leaguer's mania for threatening war with Iraq, they have my vote.

I'm also generally annoyed the the Administration's habit of announcing that "the President" has made no definite decision on a war with Iraq. With any other President, they'd be saying "the President and his advisors" or "the White House" or something. They're trying hard to make a chump look like a champ and I doubt if they're fooling anyone.

Also, as long as you're online, please check out this article and then write to Target at guest.relations@target.com and tell them they should be ashamed of their lackadaisical response to a customer's report that they were pushing a line of white supremacist, neo-nazi clothing to kids.

More later. I really should be doing the work I'm paid for, which doesn't including ranting about idiotic politicians or equally idiotic corporate behavior online between the hours of 8 and 5.

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August 26, 2002
Greedy Fools

In what I can only call a disgusting display of cupidity, 250 "women and girls" took part in a free-for-all dash around a baseball diamond searching for a hidden diamond in Florida on Friday night. (One 28 year old woman collapsed and died on the field. No cause of death has been determined.)

I boycott diamonds.

I think the owners of DeBeers should all be stripped of their wealth and put to work digging ditches for the rest of the collective lives. I think their diamond reserves should be auctioned off on e-bay and any resulting profits handed over to the local workers. I think the people controlling that company should be smacked in the head and sent to bed without any supper. For the next ten decades.

When people talk about the evil of corporations, I always think of DeBeers.

There have been recent positive steps by the company that indicate they're making an attempt to give something back to the workers they've exploited for over a century, whether they're doing such things as publicity stunts or not, but it's all-too easy to see how some of these steps benefit the company as much or more than the people they're pretending to assist.

I think there are plenty of signs that none of the efforts to try and break their stranglehold on the world's diamond supply and, not incidentally, the economic future of much of South Africa are going to be successful in the near future. That is, unless the population of the USA, responsible for about 30% of diamond purchases annually, stops supporting their behavior.

And that's it for today's current events rant.

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