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September 13, 2002
I'm just saying

I'm no big fan of the Middle-Eastern countries that use and abuse the women in their societies, but let's not get all carried away with the idea that there's some kind of connection between treating women badly and being a member of a non-white, ethnic group, because it ain't so. And I quote:

"Since the Swedish case came to light, it has been revealed that many other countries carried out sterilisation programmes, based on eugenics ideas linked to the Nazis.

They include Austria, France, Finland, Norway and Switzerland.

If I'm not mistaken, there were similar eugenics programs` here in the USofA at one point, and it ain't always women who suffer, but I can't recall if there was federal support of the program. Or if maybe the Feds confined themselves to sponsoring eugenics only when it was imposed on a culture from outside the USofA. I thought about buying a book on the subject but I've really got quite enough hares started already at this point. Maybe at a later date. After all, one of the most irritating people on the planet is considering offering US dollars to help fund such a program, so it probably behooves me to do some continuing research on the subject generally as well as keeping an eye on what the outcome of the Bushleaguer's situation is. In any case, I doubt I'll be able to resist making a number of bitter remarks about a man who claims to oppose abortion but who finds the serious contemplation of state-sponsored eugenics not to be a problem.

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September 10, 2002
The Bush Dyslexicon (Miller)

If you're feeling ant-Bushleaguer and in need of ammunition, check out The Bush Dyslexicon. It sounds like a scathing and humorous denunciation of the idiocy that is the Bushleaguer-as-Leader with a scary expose of the media's desperate and incomprehensible attempt to label the man as a charismatic, compelling leader in the aftermath of his poor showing on 9/11.

If I weren't so certain that the attempt would bring on an aneurysm, I'd try reading it myself.

Heck, I'm not really sure I can resist the temptation, nor can I resist the thought that is a book that needs to be read by anyone confused about the current state of US politics. I think I'll order it.

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