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October 23, 2002
More On Hager

Stress and the Woman’s Body, by W. David Hager, M.D. and Linda Carruth Hager. Contents described as:

Ailments unknown to our mothers and grandmothers such as fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, TMJ disorder, and eating disorders are proliferating at an alarming rate. Instead of emphasizing nutritional solutions, the authors place a strong spiritual emphasis in each chapter on managing the stress contributing to a woman’s suffering. The emphasis is on the restorative power of Jesus Christ in one’s life, not on self healing.

Just for the record, the introduction there, and presumably the premise of the book, is untrue. None of the "disorders" mentioned here are new. Some of them have been identified and named only in recent years, having previously gone undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, but that's not quite the same as being "new."

From News We Can Use:

Jesus and the FDA - Time
Though his resume describes Hager as a University of Kentucky professor, a university official says Hager's appointment is part time and voluntary and involves working with interns at Lexington's Central Baptist Hospital, not the university itself.

Note that you can visit this California State University site for further information on how to act against Hager's appointment. (You can click to send an e-mail and there's even suggested content if you don't feel like writing your own.)

Also, at The Truth About George, you can view a longer list of Bushleaguer appointees and their political ideologies.

Note that in addition to planning to nominate a man who believes that women's medical problems should be handled through prayer instead of medicine, the Bushleaguer has nominated a woman to the "National Advisory Committee on Violence Against Women" who refers to the "battered women's movement" as though it were a political position instead of a criminal problem and who believes that said movement has outlived its "usefulness."

He also nominated a man to be Secretary of Energy who, less than five years ago, introduced legislation to abolish the Department of Energy.

The more I read about the Bushleaguer, the more I think he needs some serious scriptural reading time. Either that, or he could sneak out behind the backs of his extremist cohorts and have a psychosocial evaluation because he's got some kind of serious problem.

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October 21, 2002
Canadian deported to Syria The

Canadian deported to Syria

The USofA federal government has gone mad, that's the only explanation.

A Canadian citizen, traveling on a Canadian passport, changing planes in New York gets pulled out of his plane, interrogated, and deported to Syria? What the hell? I'm sorry, but not even at the height of post 9/11 hysteria would this have been acceptable. On September 26, 2002, it's completely out of line. If they suspected the guy of being a terrorist, then they should have turned him over to the Canadian government. There is no way that sending him to Syria was justified. If he was a terrorist, I have complete faith in Canada's ability to deal with him.

"The US, however, does not appear to be taking the protest all that seriously."

I'm just saying. Some days it's almost embarrassing to be associated with our government.

"The US won't share with Canadian officials any evidence that Mr Arar has engaged in terrorist activities."

Really embarrassing.

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