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February 27, 2004

So, last night I didn't sleep because I can't sleep when I'm taking decongestants and it was either take decongestants or have my head explode so this morning I got up and called my doctor and made an appointment for 9:15, but when I tried to start my car I realized I'd left my headlights on yesterday so I wound up calling for a jump start and had to wait 2-1/2 hours for the guy to show up and now I'm at work for a brief, 1-1/2 visit with the stacks of stuff on my desk before I finally get to the doctor at 2:30 this afternoon.

I'm usually better at Fridays than this.

(P.S. This might be ironic and it might be an example of the black humor of fate, but whatever else it is, it's going to be interesting fodder for the anti-gun crowd.)

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February 26, 2004
Paranoia Runs Deep

In Nigeria, four states are refusing to allow their children to be inoculated against polio because someone spread the rumor that the shots are, in fact, designed to make the girls sterile.

You get arrested, you get a trial (eventually), and you're found 'not guilty.' So why are you not freed?

I'd never thought of murder and torture as being on the list of things that go better with Coke. Makes me glad I don't drink soft drinks.

On the other hand, murder and the oil industry, or murder and the gas industry don't seem quite as improbable together.

There was more. I was going to talk about a lot of things.

Unfortunately, what I thought yesterday was a lack of enthusiasm for blogging turned out to be the malaise one suffers when one is coming down with a ghastly illness.

Okay, not precisely ghastly, but I have a head cold, possibly a sinus infection, no one here at the office feels the slightest bit sorry for me (I'm going to go breathe on all of them in a minute), I'm brooding over the fact that I have to get back on an airplane in a week, wondering if I'll still be stopped up or if my head will explode, and realizing I have a conference call in a couple of minutes.

It seems unlikely that intelligent blogging will commence at any point during the day.

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February 25, 2004
Rudeness Involving Sex*

I'm just surfing around the net and enjoying a brief interlude from my insatiable urge to talk about everything and I'm noticing something.

Why do you suppose it is that it's always the freeper-types who seem to lack all but the most rudimentary knowledge of the language? Spelling, grammar, punctuation, these things are mysteries to them.

It's getting to the point where I can tell within one sentence, based just on spelling and punctuation, when someone is about to start spouting reactionary, conservative dogma in a thread. And it works in any forum. Forums devoted to politics, forums where there's only a thread or a limited area where politics are discussed, any of them.

Obviously conservatives aren't all illiterate, but the illiterate posters always seem to be freeper types.

Is other paraphila relations like Incest/ bestalism/ necrophilia ect.....
wrong or what?

Now just consider that for a moment. What kind of weirdo can spell "necrophilia" but not "bestiality" ("bestalism" is not a word) or even "paraphilia" when paraphilia is actually the core of their argument?

From another poster, I learned that lesbians aren't so bad but gay male sex is gross because it involves sodomy.

(Lesbians, you see, Don't Do That, but All Gay Men Practice Sodomy. I know a fair number of lesbians and gay men who may be surprised to learn this. No charge.)

This same intellectual giant argued that anal sex may be addictive, possibly because of the chemicals found in semen and, simultaneously, that semen contains analgesic compounds to lessen the pain of abusive sex.

There was a bunch more stuff about how human beings learned to stand upright because it protected women from sodomy, but I won't bore you with it.

The mind boggles.

Check out the Attack of the Gay Agenda. (Warning: sound)

( * I should choose a different title. I hate to think what that's going to do to the search engines.)

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To Talk of Many Things

Well, I'm back but I've lost the top of my desk. While I search for it, I scanned a few headlines, but the thoughts I had might not have been those expected.

Is blogging when what you're paid to do is to write about the news a sort of intellectual theft? (And that might apply to people who blog when what they're being paid to do is some other kind of work.)

Does inventing weasel-worded euphemisms remove the stain of reality, as those prone to creating such phrases seem to think?

Does anyone doubt that the structure affects the results of an investigation?

Does anyone doubt that gay marriage is going to be legalized?

If you were facing a river of red ink and found a source of revenue, would you turn over the money to people who didn't really need it instead of paying the bills you'd run up?

If mass murder is happening in a country where we don't have oil interests, does the press really care? Doesn't look like it.

Speaking of caring, I don't much today. I seem to have returned from my little vacation without the compulsion to blog endlessly. (Or maybe it's that the headlines haven't changed substantially since I left town?)

Fortunately the rest of blogdom isn't suffering from the same malaise. I'm going to go get caught up on what people have been finding important.

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