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September 10, 2004
Bloglessly Yours

A blog-break is a hard thing to impose on yourself. I keep hearing or reading stories I'd like to comment on.

Like the Mark Thatcher "coup" case. The UK press may look on Mark's hijinks like some kind of Keystone Kops bungling and certainly his history is one of repeated failures, but I find much to be concerned about. The parallels between Thatcher's business dealings and GWBush's history, for one thing. Ominous, when you look at a history of influence traded for favors and money, failed companies, and outright fraud. For another, the coup connection to the infamous Executive Outcomes mercenaries is very worrying. Thatcher may have been an amateur before, but he seems to have been trying to move into the major leagues with this one.

Obviously I followed the story of Beslan as it unfolded and I'm still reading reports. My heart goes out to the families.

I don't often blog about weather, but Ivan is the third major storm to throw itself at the Southeast in the past few weeks and I have too many friends in the Southeastern USofA not to be worried for them or saddened by the loss of life.

I'm sick of hearing about Kerry's Vietnam service and Bush's avoidance of service. It's clear that Kerry was a hero and Bush failed to meet his commitments, but I don't think either of those issues are really that important today. I mean, I care, but I'm not an undecided voter. These are not the kinds of things that will sway voters, they merely serve to inflame the already-partisan. There's no real discussion of character going on, just mudslinging and misdirection, so just leave it alone. It's not a battle anyone can win.

Talk about what matters. I want to read about the economy, about what we really plan to do in Iraq, about health care, about Bush/Cheney's plans for their next war, and whether or not anyone is going to discuss Bush dipping into the Social Security Trust.

I want someone to discuss the absurdity of claiming, after nearly three years, that the economy is "turning a corner" and "signs are strong" for improvement. How big can one corner be?

I want discussion of whether or not we plan to go back and finish the job in Afghanistan, or what we're going to do to help Darfur.

What about the environment, education, energy, or any of a hundred other important domestic issues?

Nevertheless, I'm extending my self-imposed hiatus for at least another month. I thought I'd just mention it to save y'all the trouble of stopping by every day.

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