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August 01, 2005
What? Me Care?

So, the Bush Administration has appointed Bolton, who hates the U.N., to be our ambassador to the U.N.

So, there's more evidence that the Catholic Church actively protected child molesters. And the police helped.

So, there are more allegations that the 'trials' at Guantanamo are just staged farces to make it look like we're not behaving like an abusive, totalitarian state.

So, it looks like "Coingate," the scandal that a few blogs have been following but not many major media outlets, is about to be connected to 'problems' with the 2004 elections. Life must be strange in Ohio these days.

Which makes me think of, you know, election fraud, so I check out BlackBoxVoting and, what a big surprise, I find a pdf file that details at least a potential for fraud that should chill every voter in this country.

So, there's a bit more lunacy being exposed in the California National Guard.

And on, and on, and on, and on.


I think I'm suffering from Outrage Overload.

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A Liberty and Justice For All Kind Of Thing

The Gay Rights movement has a history worth preserving.

Gays are the "perfect target" if you're self-righteous and het. There's something to be said for that as a theory for why so many people seem obsessed with persecuting homosexuals but forgive me if I glance, once again, at the idea that the closeted and self-loathing of some homosexual men in power is sufficient to explain why this purely personal bigotry is standing front-and-center on our national stage.

How Not to Make Me Ex-Gay. (Thanks to Cliopatria's Jonathan Dresner for the pointer to this new-to-me blog that has more than one good entry. Also, I congratulate Jason on his anniversary, but it's the wine that I'm going to remember.

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