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December 02, 2005
Voter Registration

What do you suppose is going on at Accenture? Looks like the company is losing contracts all over the country because their computerized "voter registration system" is a disaster.

(Hey, aren't those "multinational" corporations headquarted in places like Bermuda the ones we don't approve of because they're ducking out on paying their taxes?)

A little research shows that Accenture is our old friend, Andersen Consulting. Accenture is what they changed their name to in order to try and avoid being contaminated with the accounting fraud that brought down the other half of the company, Arthur Andersen, once the country's largest accounting firm. (Also, the two halves of the company were fighting. When a firm is going both consulting and accounting/auditing business for a company, there's tension between the consultants, who want a rosy picture painted of the company's health, and the auditors, whose job it is to find out if there's anything naughty going on.) (Arthur Andersen, for those with short memories, was the accounting firm for Enron.)

If you're interested in what else Accenture is up to, here's an interesting article. And here's another one.

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Under the pretense of "helping small businesses," the Bush Administration is trying to roll-back environmental protection monitoring in a way that will benefit some fairly large corporations.

I promise you, if weapons-developer Raytheon or bleach-maker Clorox was operating in my neighborhood, I'd want to know just what kinds of pollution they were creating.

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December 01, 2005
Who's Looking?

I just can't believe that taping children in the bathroom is appropriate for a school, even if the school does have a vandalism problem.

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It's About the Oil

At least, it's about the deal between the Kurds and the Norwegian oil company to drill for oil in the northern part of Iraq. A deal that was not cleared with or approved by what passes for a central government in Iraq these days.

Drilling began after a ceremony Tuesday, during which Nechirvan Barzani, prime minister of the Kurdish northern region, vowed "there is no way Kurdistan would accept that the central government will control our resources," according to news agency reports.

Doesn't look to me like the country is being unified. Looks to me like it's falling apart.

The Kurds, who during the last several years of Hussein's rule maintained sovereignty in northern Iraq under the protection of U.S. warplanes, made millions in transit and customs fees as the Baghdad government smuggled oil to Turkey in violation of United Nations sanctions. Since the end of the sanctions, the Kurds have sought ways to make up for that lost income.

They were the victims of massive retribution from Hussein's regime after the USofA abandoned them (post-Kuwait) and then later "protected" by USofA war planes...but they were playing footsie with Hussein's regime to finance their government?

The intricacies of corrupt politics are beyond me.

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November 28, 2005

Eighty-eight people are dead so far in a mine disaster in China.

European Union states who cooperated with the USofA's CIA in setting up secret jails may suffer consequences.

Big Pharma company Merck is cutting 7,000 jobs, about half of them in the US.

I read on CNN that part of the Supreme Court's marble facade has crumbled.

Looks like the holiday is over and we're back to "business as usual."

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