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May 06, 2006

For what it's worth, I've read the text of Colbert's Correspondent Association presentation. It's true that he sailed pretty close to the line.

But? For a president who is famously shielded from harsh reality by his entire staff? I applaud Colbert for having the courage to tell the actual truth to the man's face.

Speaking truth to power is one of the freedoms you have in a democracy. Anyone who invited Colbert to speak at this gathering and thought that both the Administration and the media weren't going to get smacked around was delusional.

If Bush isn't aware that much of the nation agrees with what Colbert says, he's dangerously ignorant.

Well, he's dangerously ignorant anyhow.

If the media isn't aware that much of the nation agrees that they've become weak, compliant, and lazy, well, it's time they heard that bit of truth as well.

I don't care, though.

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After the silence

Okay, I'm home again. (Actually, I've been home again for the past couple of days but between post-trip exhaustion (working conferences is hard), picking up the threads at work, and having to shop for and then set up a new laptop, I didn't brain left for blogging.) (I'm always doubtful about nesting parentheses, but I do it anyhow.)

I dunno. Maybe I just don't care any more.

The last four years have been heart-breaking, to put it mildly.

Right at this moment, I can't remember why I thought wasting four years of my life caring about politics I can't change and politicians who won't care what I think unless my opinions are spelled out in dollars, was a sensible idea.

I'm going to go read the news and catch up on what everyone has been talking about in my absence. Because, bottom line? I have a shiny new laptop (say hello to the new laptop, everyone. Isn't it pretty?), so I might as well use it.

I refuse to care, though.

Unless some kind of miracles have been happening....

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April 30, 2006

Laptop dead. In the hands of experts.

Work busy. Leaving town tomorrow, returning in a few days

Try to behave. :)

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