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June 30, 2006
Bookmarked with polling

Make a little space for me.

I'm not in the mood for this any more. I've been screaming into the void for three years and I'm tired. I can't tell any more when I'm repeating myself again (heh) for the fifteenth time and when I just think I've ranted at length about something but have never actually had the time to mention it.

Reading, quite casually, the results of various polls here and there around the country, I'm astonishingly discouraged to see that there is still about 30% of the population not entirely disenchanted by our new "shoot first, and torture the prisoners later" approach to international relations. Because there is nothing important happening in the world, that idiotic "anti-flag-burning amendment" thing is actually being covered like a serious news story by some publications. Just as if it wasn't some tired anti-issue that the rightwing nutcases trot out every time they need to distract public attention from some scandal or other.

The Dorkhead-in-Chief is pushing for a line-item veto. Apparently using "signing statements" to announce that he doesn't feel compelled to obey whatever legislation he's signing into law no longer satisfies him. (Nice to read that SCotUS is telling him differently.) Now he wants to decide which parts and pieces of Congress's business he approves of. (Okay, no, the line-item veto isn't that simple. But I'm ranting.)

Nevertheless. The Neocon Cabal O'Crazies isn't getting any saner, the Iraqi people aren't getting any freer, the world isn't getting any safer, and the Stars & Stripes are starting to look a little frayed around the edges. (Also? All that red? Is it beginning to look to anyone besides me that Old Glory is giving us a shameful blush?)

I'd gird up my loins if I was quite certain what part of my anatomy constituted loins and if I didn't suspect that it's not a part that's nice to talk about in public.

Anyhow. I had a nice, long rest when I steadfastly refused to care and tried hard not to know.

In spite of myself I'm aggravated about so many things, large and small these days, it's hard to know where to start.

So. Bush's "approval" numbers have "edged up". Big whoopie.

But the poll on that page has some interesting and scary stuff in it. Like the bit where most (56%) of the respondents said that they think we'll eventually wind up nuking Iran. (How on earth...why on earth do we seem to be creating a second-round version of the Cold War?) (Or is it wishful thinking on my part that this one will remain "Cold"?)

Never mind. I'm going to go hide again.

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June 29, 2006
Between Joy and Despair

That's a jolly good post title. I wish I had an entry to go with it.

How you name things matters.

"Don't ask, don't tell." That's not good. We should have "don't know, don't care" instead.

I always thought, "Contract With America" was ripe for misunderstanding and I swear, it took me six months to stop hearing, "Contract On America" on all of those dumb commercials.

"Family Values" is another one. Very Orwellian. (Did I tell you about the time some pollster called to ask my opinion of some "family values" issues and I told him I didn't believe in family values? He was astonished. I debated explaining, but in the end I didn't bother. He was just a temp, trying to earn a few bucks and probably didn't really want to hear me going off on the basic dishonesty of trying to reinvent narrow-minded, racist, misogynistic, homophobia as a core American Value.

(And I do not believe in Family Values. I do believe in human values, but that counts for little in a country that tortures prisoners being held incommunicado in secret prisons around the world and with a government who recently signed a contract including a clause to build internment camps on USofA soil. Or in a country where legislators and ignorant bigots argue that inoculating young women against a deadly form of cancer is a bad idea because it encourages behavior they don't personally like (unless they're the ones getting some).)

"No Child Left Behind." When you pair that one up with "Immigration Reform", you get "A Broom and A Mop Bucket In Every Middle-American Child's Future!"

"Right To Life" is, as we all know, actually the, "Right To Life Only Before Birth" movement.

The War on Terror Terrorism Islamofascists Extremists Whatever-it-is-this-week. That's another lousy one. You know a title is lousy when it keeps trying to reinvent itself.

Just call it, "The War To Retrieve Our Oil, Inconveniently Buried All Over The Planet."

Or, "The War Of We're Bringing Christian Peace To Your Country Even If We Have To Kill You All To Do It And What's With Those Funny Head Scarves, Anyhow."

"Or, "The War To Prove That NeoCon Theories That Look Stupid On Paper Are Even Worse In Practice." But only if you're feeling rude. (I really do think the Project for the New American Century is closing down, not because they've done what they planned to do, but because they've all had their meds adjusted and just now come to realize that they've been insane for decades.) (Okay, no, I don't believe that. But I do believe many of the members are now finding their association with The Project to be something of a liability, PR and political-wise.)

Even, "The War Of Cheney's Stock Options" would be more honest than pretending we're making "war" on "extremists" when all we're doing is slaughtering a lot of people on the off-chance that some of them might not like us.

(I'm just saying. Five years from now, your kids are going to be in high school or college and wondering "why don't they like us?"

And then you're going to have to try and explain that we invaded Iraq because the 9/11 suicide bombers were Saudi Arabians and Iran hates us and has committed acts of aggression against us but was deemed too tough for us to mess with, but Iraq, with its non-religious, non-extremist-based society in a country about the size of Idaho and with no connection at all to the 9/11 attacks looked like an enemy we could beat.

But we couldn't. So now, in 2011, we're embarrassed and globally unpopular, so never, never, never vote for a Republican with ties to the oil or defense industries, which means pretty much never at all.)

I should stay off of that subject, shouldn't I? It always gets me aggravated and now I've derailed my own train of thought.

If it wasn't for the occasional glimmer of sanity, I'd just give up. If I look, though, I can still see traces of America here and there.

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