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July 20, 2006
Gone Fishin'

Back the end of the month.

Try not to blow anything up.

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July 19, 2006
Suddenly Cranky

You know what? The more I think about how difficult the government is making it for us to travel any more, the more annoyed I get.

It's bad enough that they're paying someone to paw through my underwear and steal any contraband matchbooks I might have dropped into the bag, but they disclaim all liability for anything these government employees steal from my bag while they're poking their wands (heh) into my shoes.

It annoys me that I'm advised not to pack anything worth more than a fiver or that I'm particularly attached to because if it gets stolen, no one can be blamed.

I'm just saying. The White House isn't the only part of the Federal Government that thinks the law doesn't apply to it. If the sticky-fingered "Homeland Security TSA" demands the legal right to go through my personal belongings (which I personally feel is a violation of my First Amendment rights), then I should be granted the legal right to recompense for the stuff they steal.

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Picking a catchy slogan is important for a political campaign. You need something evocative, something people will remember that essentially encapsulates your overall aims and goals.


Vote Republican: The Party of Death!

So no one forgets the Iraqi death toll or the money spent on death that's no longer available for education, health care, or retirements benefits.

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You Just Don't Know

You just don't know what a relief it is for me to know that our 'elected' officials will be concentrating on the really important shit while I'm out of town.

On Wednesday, the U.S. House of Representatives debated on a bill to protect the Pledge of Allegiance from legal challenges.

Between this and that moronic "Flag-burning" issues, I feel so well-governed, don't you?

It's very good to know that Congress is going to give this McCarthy-era version of a public-relations stunt the full protection of the government. Really gives me confidence in the future of this country.

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July 18, 2006
C -3

That's Cruise, Minus Three Days. (I'm doing a personal countdown.)

So much to do, so much time still to be wasted at work.

I have no time for blogging about wars around the world or other possibly explosive situations or tsunamis or George Bush chewing with his mouth open or whatever other pointless and irrelevant (although distasteful) thing the USofA media is focusing on about the White House instead of any of the things that really matter.

I'm too busy making notes to buy extra lip gloss and figure out where I stashed my gloves at the end of last winter.

Mostly, though, I logged on to day to mention that comments will be closed while I'm out of town, to keep the spammers from going nuts.

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