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August 03, 2006
Moving on

By the way, I forgot to say I'd returned home safely. :)

Had a great time, loved the cruise, and am already exhausted again from trying to get caught back up at work. (Remember the good old days, when we weren't all already doing three people's jobs because of "down-sizing" and when you went on vacation, someone covered for you so you didn't return to an overflowing desk and need another vacation by the time you'd gotten caught up?)

This blog remains on hiatus and before long I'll probably take it down. I'm still burned out, even after having taken the last couple of months off of blogging and I don't see myself resuming in the foreseeable future.

It wasn't a bad run, though, right? From August, 2002, you know. That's a lot of blogging. A lot of thinking. (Maybe my brain is just tired?) A lot of silly remarks from me, gently corrected by my more-intelligent readers. A lot of thoughtful comments, a lot of interesting discussions here and elsewhere. A lot of fascinating people met around the globe. A lot of the heartbreak of stupidity....

Still. The time has come, the walrus said...." There are other parts of my life I used to enjoy before this blog started eating two or three hours of my free time in a day and I'm going to go back and pick up those threads again.

It's a dead parrot. Update your blogrolls or whatever accordingly.

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