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September 07, 2006
Why Ain't You Bloggin'?

Nothing happening to talk about.

Political Pollster Pleads Guilty To Falsifying Data (Shorter version - the Right wanted stats saying Everyone Loves Bush, so the polling company made up some for them.) Not really "news."

The original war on whateverthehell, the one we got bored of, declared won, and abandoned to go invade Iraq? We're losing. Still. Again. Some more. Old news.

The French don't like our war. Old.

Pentagon Spends Billions to Outsource Torture No surprise. (It's a sort of neocon triple-play, isn't it? Spending billions, torturing people, and outsourcing jobs. If they'd managed to work in a gay angle, they'd have won the RightWing Grand Slam.)

That the CIA is running secret prisons around the world isn't news to those of us who have been paying attention. I'm not sure why Bush admitting it seems to be news, unless the next press release from the White House will be about someone filing charges against the Torturer's & Imprisoner's Cabal.

I'll check with you in a month or two. Maybe there will be some new news.

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