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September 20, 2006
Stuff You Need To Know

Aaron Sorkin rules the world of television and you already know it. So, watch Studio 60 on Mondays.

Also, people should stop sending me e-mails saying, "Hey, yo, link to my blog and I'll do you back." Because I'm not going to. I don't say there's nothing on the planet I'd prostitute myself for. Just not a link.

Money is important only when you don't have it. If you're pretty much guaranteed a roof over your head and food to eat, you have the leisure and the energy to care about the kind of stuff an evolved consciousness should be focused on. So, let's add universal housing and meals to the utopian dream of health care for all. Not free...no one appreciates what they don't have to pay for, but at a minimal cost. Reverse indexed to the average of the salaries of the CEO of Halliburton, NBC, and Ford Motor Company. When they make more, the cost of food, housing, and health care goes down.

I didn't want my blog hacked, but thankyouverymuch anyhow. It was very interesting in an "oh, my, aren't you the biggest twit I've seen in at least an hour" kind of way. When low-cost, universal meals come into being? All you're getting on your plate are Brussels sprouts and lima beans.

Overheard (I sweartogod) in a food court last weekend, from a small group of 15 year-old boys in conversation:

Boy #1 - "They should make a state where they can stick Bush and all the retards in one place.

Boy #2 - "They did. It's called Texas."

Maybe the country isn't inevitably doomed.

I haven't blogged for months and my "hit count" has barely dropped at all. I think that proves that most of the "hit count" stats are probably spammers.

George Bush is not the Devil. Somehow, I'm just sure the Devil isn't afraid of his mommy.

Or, maybe he is.

It would explain a lot.

(Blog still closed - rebuilding to get rid of spamattack.)

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