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October 16, 2006
Put It On A Tee-Shirt

Put Down Your Guns and Open Your Minds

Do Good For America

Carpooling Causes Peace

Corporations Aren't People

Where have all the hippies gone?

Lean Left and Vote

Democracy needs YOU

Build summer camps, not internment camps

WWIII should be against hunger

"Nepotism" comes between "needy" and "nerd" in the dictionary

War is the biggest baby killer in history

November 7, 2006 - Vote For America

$2 Trillion and 100,000 Dead - Does Iraq Like Us Now?

(Maybe a bumper sticker.)

11/13/2006 - I'm not sure what's wrong, but any attempt to add a new entry "breaks" the blog. It may be time to start deleting old entries again. I'll be checking to see if I can find support over the next few days.

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