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November 22, 2006
So Wrong

I'd like to file a complaint with whoever runs CNN's website.

This morning's poll:

Which statement best sums up your reaction to six imams being removed from a plane because of nervous passengers?

___ Muslims should expect closer scrutiny

___ Non-Muslims should be more understanding

Where's the option for, "We'd be ashamed of ourselves, if we weren't such a racist society in spite of our claims otherwise"?

My complaint about the CNN website polls is usually that they lack the very important, "Who gives a shit?" option, but this time, I think they really missed a bet.

I won't even get get into what I think of the other airplane passengers.

Happy Thanksgiving, from the land of the not-quite-as-free-as-we-think and the home of the brave-when-it-comes-to-bigotry.

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