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January 24, 2007
Do You Like Me In My Uniform?


Bush's "approval" rating yesterday morning was around 33% and by the time I started checking the major new sites this morning (ABC, CBS, AlterNet, NYTimes, etc.) stories about the SoTU were already hard to find.

I mean, speaking of dead Presidents.... (Do you think a bad joke is enough to get me investigated by Big Brother?)

Also, even if it's a nonbinding resolution by a mere Senate Panel, the fact that some politicos finally grew a pair and told Bush No More Cannon Fodder For You! is encouraging.

Just over a month ago, HuffPo posted some numbers for us:

Three years and nine months after the U.S.-led Coalition began its war against Saddam Hussein, researchers have quietly recorded another grim milestone in the cost of the conflict. American military casualties have now exceeded 25,000. Almost 3,000 U.S. soldiers are dead; 22,000 are injured. Some 245 other Coalition soldiers--mostly Brits--have also died, as well as at least 50,000 Iraqi civilians.

It's easy to say casually that "22,000 are injured" but let us not forget that many of these injured will wind up maimed for life. Missing one or more limbs or with bodies damaged beyond our ability to repair.

53,245 dead. 22,000 injured. So far, Bush's war has had 75,000+ casualties.

How much is enough?

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