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August 24, 2007

I've been informed by a Usually Reliable Source that my problems sleeping last night might have been connected to a huge storm that apparently moved through the area in the wee hours. (There was, not unusually, snow in the high country.) It must have been a doozie. Nothing wakes me up at night. (Although, clearly, I wasn't awake enough to comprehend what it was that woke me.)

And, speaking of storms, I've been thinking about New Orleans. Specifically about a National Geographic article I just read, detailing how the city, largely destroyed by floods and hurricanes 27 times since it was founded, is and will remain in danger. At first, I was all over the idea of rebuilding. Now? I'm not so sure it's wise.

Wild weather and flooding in the Midwest are claiming a lot of newsspace this week, along with light-hearted stories about how stranded partiers got 'hammered' on cheap drinks. Not so much attention to the 50,000 people displaced by flooding in Uganda.

Among the things I, myself, have wondered about recently has been why everyone got so up in arms about that athlete apparently being involved in some kind of dog-fighting ring. (I wasn't interested and paid little attention until I noticed the story kept coming back day after day.) Earl calls it hysteria (and blames the widespread news coverage on racism) and Sandra adds her two cents' worth that Vick would have been better off beating his wife. (And certain rightwingnuts even recommend it.)

All that aside, I think the BBC got it right. What we have here is yet another example of the increasingly violent nature of USofA society.

US forces battle Baghdad militia
I'm just saying. Four years later and we're still "liberating" the same city? Forgive me for mentioning how many of us in the world o'blog told you so back before the invasion.

I don't suppose the White House & Friends have any understanding of just why it's not working out. (I might suggest their--should I call it rampant Christian bloodthirst--more politely, their gross failure to offer the slightest lip-service to "cultural sensitivity" as a factor. Any Administration that could even begin to contemplate actually turning the USofA's armed forces into a Christian missionary force, and I don't for a second imagine that the "crusade" aspect didn't amuse a lot of the planners, was doomed to failure from Day One.)

(And, speaking of war, I see The Guardian taking Georgie to task for invoking the spectre of the war he didn't want to fight.)

I'm starting to remember why I gave up political blogging. This is all so depressing....

I dunno if I agree with this Yes, I'd have qualified (easily, I might add), but I've always had doubts about what I.Q. really measures, and iwhat value it really offers as a marker of superiority. Giving free higher education to those with high I.Q.s? Strikes me as of dubious worth. I'd imagine that Germany, like most countries, would benefit more in the long run from making better education available to the striving poor.

Those wacky Russians are at it again. Apparently the North Pole is now theirs.)

Also, from The Guardian, here's a funny to wrap up with. (#3 is my favorite.)

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Wow. CNN now links back to blogs that comment on their articles? (Discovered here, on that "Iraq's a disaster" story I linked to) How does that work?

I guess there have been some changes since I've been away from the world o'political blogging.

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August 22, 2007

So, I saw the increasingly isolated Bushleaguer on the nightly news, saying that we can't leave Iraq because then it would be like Vietnam.

It's not like Vietnam now, you understand. We didn't charge in there uninvited and start slaughtering people right and left with no clear idea of what we were dealing with and no rational plan for how wholesale killing was going to make things better.

No, it's only going to be like Vietnam if we send in helicopters * and airlift out the last Americans on the ground (roof).

And, you know, from his story, things were just peachy in Vietnam before we left. Sunshine and roses, in fact.

From what I'm reading, Bush seems to be preferring a Korean War analogy. (You know. Korea. It was one country and we went in and killed people for four years or more and then it was two countries.) (But don't run away with the idea that Korea--I mean North Korea and South Korea are anything like Vietnam--I mean North Vietnam and South Vietnam.)

I hate people who cite the Korean War as a major victory for the USofA. Josh, over at Talking Points Memo covers one of my reasons.

And also. You know. Bottom line. We didn't "win" in Korea. We achieved a stalemate that may, I'm no expert, have been better for people and the world than a united Korea (even gasp! a Communist one) might have been. But we didn't "win" that war.

And, while I'm bitching and moaning, let's hear it for our elected and highly placed officials who have discovered what even an international affairs nitwit like myself knew five years ago. U.S. officials rethink hopes for Iraq democracy

You don't say?

Nightmarish political realities in Baghdad are prompting American officials to curb their vision for democracy in Iraq. Instead, the officials now say they are willing to settle for a government that functions and can bring security.

"a government that functions"

I'm thinking they had that before we stepped in.

You know. That Hussein guy. The one we handed the country over to and, no, I'm not saying he was a jewel in the crown of the Middle East, but tell me we didn't storm their borders, invade their country, and slaughter tens of thousands of Iraqi people to leave them with "functional"?

Also, over at the Washington Note, Steve is quoting people who know what I'm talking about.

While you're telling me things, tell me how the current crop of incompetent White House inhabitants and Congressional failures are going to come up with any kind of plan better than what we have now--which consists largely of wearing ever-larger blinders (if you're on the Right) and hand-wringing (if you're on the left).


* I see from the news that another Blackhawk crashed, killing all 14 soldiers on board and am I the only one wondering if a few enemy attacks are being disguised as inexplicable "crashes"?

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