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January 25, 2008
Who to hate first?

I suspect the Right-wing "leadership" has been dithering a bit these past couple of months. I mean, a woman! And a guy who, lookit him, who's skin is really just sort of--not white. You know?

So much hate and fear, such a short election cycle.... I'm sure we all expected that they'd hold off on the abuse until one of these candidates was picked (Not that they don't have bile to spare.) but it looks like someone just couldn't wait.

Check out the latest right-wing hysterically anti-Clinton group. or, better yet, visit TPM Muckracker, who has the facts behind the idiocy--insofar as there are facts.

I suggest you visit Josh, instead of encouraging the loonies by visiting their site. (He's right, anyhow. There's no real info at the site. Just a bigger graphic of the LOOK OUT! CAN'T YOU SEE SHE'S A *GIRL*? tee-shirt.)

a Republican operative who prides himself as something of an elder statesman of GOP dirty tricks.
I see. That's become a regular position in the Republican party, has it? It's just standard for them these days? SOP? And the position has achieved "elder statesman" status?

Anyone on the Right care to defend this?

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