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February 08, 2008
I'm So Glad

Bush: Keep a conservative in White House

The two-term U.S. leader, who addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, leaves office next year and said it is important that the next president continues to reflect the conservative political principles he represents.

I wonder precisely which principles those are?

Maybe he's talking about his foreign policy? Like in Iraq?

Well, the article cited above says:

Bush on Friday claimed vindication for that Iraq strategy, saying he stuck with the surge in spite of critics who called it "a well-managed defeat."

"A year after I ordered the surge of forces, high-profile terrorist attacks in Iraq are down, civilian deaths are down, sectarian killings are down. U.S. and Iraqi forces have captured or killed thousands of extremists in Iraq, including hundreds of key al Qaeda leaders and operatives," he said.

Well, what do other stories have to day about Iraq?

Violations of 'Islamic teachings' take deadly toll on Iraqi women

Iraq's second-largest city, Basra, is a stronghold of conservative Shia groups. As many as 133 women were killed in Basra last year -- 79 for violation of "Islamic teachings" and 47 for so-called honor killings, according to IRIN, the news branch of the U.N.'s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Not so good.

U.S. should not provoke Iraq militia

Shi'ite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr's Mehdi Army is "unassailable" in its Iraqi strongholds and the U.S. military would risk reigniting the violence that almost sparked civil war if it provokes it, a report said on Friday.

It might be just me, but I can't see how making the single strongest figure in Iraq a Shia cleric is that good of an idea.

Maybe he means the foreign policy thing he did before he made us invade Iraq? Remember? What was it called, again?

Oh, yeah. Afghanistan.

Rice Says Afghanistan Efforts Need Coherence

The tensions within NATO, and between Karzai and his principal foreign backers, have risen as insurgent violence has intensified in Afghanistan. Experts warned this month that the country risks collapse despite six years of foreign economic aid, political guidance and military support.

Another Huge Opium Harvest in Afghanistan

Along with forecasting another near-record opium harvest in Afghanistan this year, the United Nations says that cultivation of cannabis, or marijuana, is also on the rise.

No, I'm not thinking the Bushlet is going to be able to list the invasion of Afghanistan as one of his big successes.

Maybe he means his "principles" around the economy?

Again, in the first article mentioned, he's quoted as saying:

And on tax cuts: "On matters relating to our economy, our record is clear. You and I succeeded in cutting taxes," Bush told the conservative group.

Other coverage? Not so much about tax cuts for the rich:

U.S. stocks' losses deepen as economic worries weigh

With the economy either in recession or very close to being in one [....]

Falling stocks land hard on retirees

Rising food and fuel prices, falling interest rates and screeching declines in worldwide stock markets have Wait and thousands of other retirees paring spending to levels some haven't seen in decades, forgoing dinners out, cutting back on groceries and canceling plans to visit grandchildren.

GLOBAL MARKETS-Tech shares rally; economy woes dog financials

Fears about the precarious state of the U.S. economy, highlighted by remarks late on Thursday by a Federal Reserve official who said she was "not confident" a recession could be avoided this year, sparked a rally in U.S. Treasury debt prices. Worries about credit markets also raised the safe-haven allure of U.S. government bonds and helped them recover from their worst rout in four years.

U.S. Economy: Wholesale Inventories Rise More Than Forecast

Inventories at U.S. wholesalers rose the most in more than a year as sales fell, signaling companies will need to cut production and that the economy may be slipping toward a recession.

Hmmm...maybe not.

How about his "conservative principles" when it comes to the environment?

Court Again Overturns Controversial Bush Environment Rule

A federal appeals court Friday overturned a Bush administration plan for cutting mercury emissions from power plants, siding again with states and environmental groups in an ongoing legal battle over the administration's effort to write business friendly rules for the utility industry.

The decision is one of several rulings by the court, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, against Bush administration regulations that would have eased environmental requirements.

"The Bush administration's track record in court is abysmal when it comes to environmental regulations," said Frank O'Donnell of the environmental group Clean Air Watch. "That's because they've illegally interpreted the law over and over again."

Nope, not there, either.

What was he saying again?

Bush said he hopes his successor will build upon what he considers to be his accomplishments in Iraq and on taxes and the judiciary.

"I'm absolutely confident, with your help we will elect a president who shares our principles. As we take on the challenges, we must be guided by the philosophy that has brought us success. Our policies are working," he said.

I'm glad, to quote an old television show, that I don't have his nerve in my tooth.

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