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May 23, 2008

I'm not sure what today's theme is. Maybe it's the upcoming weekend, but I feel like taking a minute of silence to mourn the death of common sense in this country.

A car dealership in the United States is offering a free handgun with every vehicle sold.

You think there's ever going to be a moment when these folks realize that choosing a stupid gun over a $250 gas card sort of proves Obama's point? Also, predictably, I think these folks should be just a little less militant about their wanton stupidity.

An audit of some $8bn (4bn) paid to US and Iraqi contractors has found that almost every payment failed to comply with US laws aimed at preventing fraud.

Color me so not surprised. Honesty compels me to admit that any organization handling sums of money that run into seven, eight, or nine digits is going to have a little trouble tracking the destination of a few hundred thousand here or there, but paying out $8 billion without crossing the t's and dotting the i's seems a little careless.

In one example, investigators found a copy of a $5.6m cheque paid by the US Treasury to an Iraqi contractor, but no records to show what had been purchased.

Russia and China condemn U.S. missile shield plan

"Both sides believe that creating a global missile defense system, including deploying such systems in certain regions of the world, or plans for such cooperation, do not help support strategic balance and stability, and harm international efforts to control arms and the non-proliferation process," Russia and China said in a joint statement.

What is the world coming to when I find myself agreeing with Russia and China and opposed to my own government?

Rice warns of more U.S. sanctions on Iran

I'm not the first person to point out that our recent behavior toward Iran has some scary parallels to the Bush Administration's pre-war treatment of Iraq, but I console myself with the thought that not even Bush&Cheney are this stupid. (Besides, they don't have time.)

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Inflation Can Be Fun!

It's Friday, so it must be dinking around time.

Baseline year 1980:

Cost of a 1980 first-class stamp: $0.15
That's 42 cents in today's money, so the USPS is right on target!

Cost of a 1980 gallon of regular gas: $1.25
That's 3.57 in today's money

Cost of a gallon of 1980 milk: $1.69
Adjusted for inflation, that's $4.82
Actual price today: $3.13
Poor dairy farmers.

The national debt in 1980 was about: $914,000,000,000 or 914 billion.
In today's money, that's going to be: $2,612,000,000,000 (rounded) or 2.612 trillion

Which sounds bad enough, but thanks to certain lunatic politicians, the national debt is actually $9,200,000,000,000, or a whopping 9.2 trillion.

What was the national debt in 2000, when GB arrived? $5,700,000,000,000 (5.7 trillion). He and his buddies have added $3.5 trillion to the mess.

What comes after trillion? Bazillion, right? And then gazillion.

And then my head explodes.


Tom's Inflation Calendar

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