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June 24, 2008
Almost linkless

Glancing at the headlines: George Carlin is dead. We'll all be less-amused and less-thoughtful for his loss.

It hardly seems fair that Dobson is still with us. (I guess we know which of "his" "children" god really wants to spend time with.) The man is a deranged crackpot. Why do major news outlets continue to give him so much free press? Without them, he'd be no one, living nowhere, and doing a little damage to just a few people.

Unlike, say, certain rightwingnut administrations. In today's news, people are shocked (Shocked, I tell you! Shocked!) to discover that liberal and Demovcrat job candidates didn't get a fair hiring shake under the Bush/Cheney regime.

The Mississippi is bursting levees and rolling over its man-made banks just as though it didn't understand that humans are the boss and nature should follow our rules. Too bad they can't get some of that water to the 800 wildfires burning in California.

One of McCain's aides said that if there was another terrorist attack on USofA soil, that would help McCain get elected. Now, of course, there's an 801st firestorm going. I don't know why. He only said what all of the wingnuts were thinking.

Consumer confidence has dropped to the lowest levels we've since the last extended Republican presidential run. Color me so surprised.*

You know me, I'm big on personal responsibility. (Sort of. Anyhow.) For instance, I think that if the Norfolk Southern Railroad officials think it's okay to leave that rail bridge down, if they've, in fact, removed the motor so there's no way anyone could lift it until after the waters recede, then that's okay with me.

Just as long as the people who made the decision are standing there, right behind that levee, as the river crests. 'Cause, if their position is that the bridge won't make the situation more dangerous, they should be willing to stand by their beliefs, right?


* * My prediction? Another 8 years of warmongering Republicans in the White House and the so-called "military-industrial complex" will be such a huge part of our economy that we won't be able to afford to stop making, funding, and inciting war. (It's a significant part of our economy already but I haven't done any research to see if we've actually reached the tipping point yet.)

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