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July 01, 2008
Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime?

Also? Just for variety this year, there's a thought that the Worst President Ever and Terror Czar Cheney might be planning to offer us a December surprise.

An economic meltdown.

Like most of the rest of us, they expect a Democrat to take over the White House in January and I'm sure they're content to dump their mess in the Left's lap. Until then, though, they're doing all they can to keep it from happening on their watch.

Military spending as a share of GDP is expected to grow by $75 billion in fiscal 2008, enough to neutralize a 0.3 percent decline in GDP.

That will keep things from tanking early enough so that the Worst President In History might be expected to take action.

Dick Cheney was secretary of defense for Bush 41; just before the 1992 election he engineered a big run-up in outlays, as the military restocked following the first Gulf War. (It was exposed in the first Clinton "Economic Report.") Is the Pentagon up to that trick again? I'd be astonished if it were not.

So would I.

If that hasn't filled your urge for financial crisis news, try this Op-Ed about irresponsible Congressional behavior.

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We Knew They Knew

Everyone knew.

Everyone knew it was torture, but they were more concerned with 'plausible deniability' than with blocking it. I mean, it's clear that there were objections, but they were all made inside the system. Sort of pro forma protests.

No one seems to have stood up and said, "No. I will not be a party to this and I will not sit quietly by and let you do it, either."

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