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September 29, 2008
I Just Don't Get It

Talking to a random Republican passerby a few minutes ago, I mentioned the stock market's bad day and the connection to the defeat of the bailout plan. Before I even had a chance to add that I don't think it's a great plan, he burst into furious speech.

It's the Democrats' fault. They didn't vote for the bill and now they don't support the bill. It's all the Democrats' fault. The Republicans don't matter and don't count--they have no votes in Congress, the Democrats control everything and are responsible for the mess.

Before you run away with the idea that this was some backwoods hillbilly with no clue of how the country is run, I should mention that this man is an investment/mortgage banker.

Someone tell me how, on a vote where 140 Democrats and 65 Republicans voted "yes" and 133 Republicans and 95 Democrats voted "no," any sane person can believe that the Republicans had nothing to do with the plan failing?

Granted, on a pure, party-line vote, the bill would have passed, but this wasn't a party-line vote. Nothing about this proposed bailout is falling along party lines, nothing about the discussion has been along party lines up until now, and it was obvious that the vote would not be along strict party lines.

A couple of hours after the vote, the simple facts of which are in your face on every news outlet in the country, this man was furiously declaiming things that were a contradiction of the simple facts.

I just don't understand how seemingly sane people find it so easy to believe things that are demonstrably untrue. How they find it so easy to believe the opposite of the simple facts.

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