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October 30, 2008
Freaks Me Out

Again, I spare you the full version of today's rant. I will be brief.

Stories like this freak me out for a lot of reasons.

"A civil war that is simmering will break out into the open if McCain loses, and the party will have to decide what they want to be in the post-Reagan world," said Gloria Borger, a senior political analyst for CNN.

Reagan's disastrous presidency ended twenty years ago. Anyone on the Right wondering if your party is really "out of touch"? Yes.

Republicans are already caught up in a heated debate about Sarah Palin's future role in the party should the GOP ticket fail to win the White House.

Let's do a little Sanity Math, shall we?

One lunatic nominee:

She doesn't think aloud. She just ... says things," conservative columnist Peggy Noonan wrote in a recent Wall Street Journal column.

It's an argument that has been echoed by a string of conservatives -- including David Brooks, George Will, Kathleen Parker, and David Frum -- who believe Palin exhibits a poisonous anti-intellectual instinct of the party that threatens to ultimately destroy its foundations.

Republicans have made a fetish of anti-intellectualism for the last twenty years or more. They screamed for years that smart, educated people are too dangerous to be given power and authority. It's not an "instinct" of any kind. Republican campaign tactics have revolved around convincing as many people as possible that knowledge, intelligence, and education are un-American. In this vindictive, ill-informed woman, they're reaping what they have sown.

If it's all the same to them, though, I'd rather that this country, and the rest of the world, not have to suffer the consequences with them.

Plus one, clear signal that you're on the wrong track:

[David] Frum also pointed to recent polling that suggests Palin's unfavorable ratings have sharply risen in the last two months [....]

Counting on fingers. Two months ago, no one outside of Alaska had ever heard of her. Basically, she's been getting less popular ever since the first time people saw her. Palin's nomination took McCain from almost even in the race, to the point where he's on the verge of an epic defeat.


This should equal a Republican Party ready to take a clear-eyed look at the Real World and decide what being a "conservative" really needs to look like in the 21st century.

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