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December 16, 2009
Scavenged Links From ?

Because, yes, I am a science fiction geek, I give you History of the Scienceers.

Thanks to Google's recent front-page mention, I found out that Babbage's dream machine got built. How cool is that?

I'm never sure how accurate these things are, but I love 'clocks' that measure in "real time." This one tells how much CO2 we're generating, ticks off the number of crimes occurring in the US, and counts down to the time when we're going to run out of oil, among a lot of other things.

Those of you who know me well know I like few things better than finding more stories on how almost everything is Reagan's fault. If you include a few swipes at Tricky Dick, you might just make my day. 1968 & 1980 - the years this "new" (or, should I say, "neo") Republican Party started their march toward power and the country's decline into madness. (More Reagan 'revelations' here.)

The rest of the evil we see is Bush's fault because he's a congenital jackass who, yes, should probably be prosecuted (except that I can still see a value in the immunity granted to a sitting President). (Darn it.)

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