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May 12, 2010
cognitive dissonance

Every place you turn these days, you're told not to wear perfume, to avoid scented bath products, to keep to laundry odorless laundry soaps, to use unscented hand lotion. Why? Allergies. Everywhere you go, you're surrounded by a thousand people, each of whom is likely to be allergic to something.

For instance, it's very common for people to have pet allergies these days. Which makes it hard to understand how Frontier Airlines can be seriously considering letting dogs, cats, and other animals fly in the cabin with unsuspecting passengers.

Disclaimer: I don't have a dog in this race myself. My only environmental allergy is the rise in blood pressure I experience when surrounded by stupid people. My defense of the allergy-ridden is purely altruistic.

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Too Weird For Words

The military is considering issuing a medal to soldiers who don't kill people?

Does that make actual sense? No, it does not.

Yes, civilians get killed. They get raped and murdered. They get kidnapped and tortured--our own government was in the business for a while and hasn't actually shut down the program yet.

War brutalizes soldiers. It always has. That's a lot of what the "horrors of war" are all about, people. War brutalizes the soldiers and they pass it along.

You want to stop civilian war casualties?

Stop making war.

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