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May 31, 2010
BP's Second Ecological Disaster This Spring

Poor Alaska. Again. The pipeline, of which BP is the majority owner, dumped thousands of barrels of oil across a swath of what used to be pristine wilderness before the objections of conservatives (of the ecological variety) and the native population (who had an arguable right to be considered) and a lot of other people were ignored in a desperate rush to 'secure' this country's energy future with this non-sustainable, planet-killing project.

Before this , the pipeline had already spewed at least 40,000 barrels across the landscape in major incidents. The number of minor incidents--small but persistent leaks, leaks the media didn't find out about, etc.--is unknown.

I'm just saying. If all the money we've dumped into killing the planet by drilling for oil had been put into wind and solar energy research--you can't tell me we wouldn't be driving 95% pollution-free cars and working in green buildings right now.

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