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November 11, 2010
Yeah, that's what I meant

Succinctly, there's a lack of truthiness in the wingnut population of the Republican Party and now that the Party has succeeded in wining a few elections, it has to figure out how to ride the whirlwind it created.

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Paging Jeb Bush -- for 2012

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November 10, 2010
Not News. Olds. And Truths.

Did you read this column?

Unsurprising revelations of a giant gap between what Republican voters say they want and what the public leadership of the Party says they're in favor of.

The column just reiterates three truths we already knew:

1. The majority of Republican voters have no idea what their Party's policies actually are.

2. The majority of Republican voters have no idea that every vote they cast is a vote against their own best interests.

3. The majority of Republican voters have no idea where their Party came from - what their roots are.

Just as the actual Democrats in this country are considerably more liberal* than the centrists holding the reins of power, the actual Republicans in this country are much more traditionally conservative than the wingnuts getting all the press coverage.

(Actually, the majority of people in this country are far more liberal than conservative in their actual beliefs. Some of them are just more conservatively liberal--they might want the same changes, but they want them more slowly or with a slightly different twist. How on earth did we all manage to let such unrepresentative representatives take over at the top?)


* Liberal. Not "progressive." Never be ashamed of being something good.

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Dear Mr. President

WSJ Thursday, Nov 4, 2010

"President Barack Obama, facing the public after a historic defeat, took responsibility for the "shellacking" Democrats endured on Election Day and promised to negotiate with resurgent Republicans on issues including tax-cut extensions, energy[,] and education."

So, you know, no changes.

I'm not getting back into this mess again, no way, no how, had my heart broken enough already, thank you very much, but there is something I feel the need to say.


Dear Mr. President:

Good afternoon.

Based on the article mentioned above, wherein you confess that you might have lost touch just a bit with the people who put you in office, I thought I'd reach out and touch you with a thought.

We kicked your butt.

You did not get whupped because you were too far to the Left. I know everyone is going to pretend that's what happened and the country is going to start tilting even farther toward the right-hand side of crazy, but it's the opposite of true. Just so you know. For the record, sort of thing.

Many of those people earlier this month did not vote 'for' Republicans. They cast a vote for anti. It's just a failing of our political system that there's no obvious ballot choice for that.

Anti endless, dragging negotiations with a body of people who have said, loudly and clearly, that their only mission is to prevent you from achieving any of the things you were elected to achieve. Anti bipartisanship, that fantasy state that exists only in the minds of a few prominent Democrats. Anti collaboration with the corporations and corporate shills that got us into this nightmare mess.

Anti half-assed health care "reform" that fell milestones short of the economical, effective single-payer system we need.

Anti half a stale loaf of "recovery" for millions of ordinary people while a privileged two or three dozen choose between six kinds of Prosperity Cake washed down with Record Profits Champagne.

We gave you everything you could have hoped for and more. We gave you the White House, the House of Representatives, and the Senate. We gave you the power.

You said the changes would have to be drastic and the choices would be hard. We said, okay, we're with you. Then we rolled up our sleeves and got ready. Together, we were going to change the world.

There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune.

That sucking noise you hear? Was your tide.

I hope you enjoy the next two years.



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