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March 18, 2011
Made Me Think
Iíve dispatched Hillary to the Middle East to talk about how these countries can transition to new leaders ó though, Iíve got to be honest, sheís gotten a little passionate about the subject. These past few weeks itís been tough falling asleep with Hillary out there on Pennsylvania Avenue shouting, throwing rocks at the window.

President Obama, during a stand-up comedy act last week, making light of Hillary Clintonís strong feelings for supporting the opposition in the Middle East protests.

(From http://officialssay.tumblr.com/)

I'm not mocking President Obama - I'm sure it was a good joke and a funny moment.

It's just that this got me wondering how a President Hilary Clinton might have reacted to recent events?

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March 17, 2011

Finally caved in and got back onto FB. I refuse to give them my cell # so they can text me, but when they offered the option of an automated call, I used my work line for the verification. (Hah! When they sell these lists, I will not be spammed with sales calls.)

It drives me absolutely batshitcrazy how people don't understand that these sites are invading your privacy with all this stuff. There is, in fact, absolutely NO reason FB needs to verify that everyone with an account is a real, individual, human being. They're only doing it to create a cleaner list to sell to advertisers.

I'm not unreasonable and I know things have to be paid for. I'd accept the option of paying for access with the understanding that none of my personal information would ever, under any circumstances, be published or sold to advertisers.

(I'd actually decided, quite happily and easily decided, never to return to FB several months ago but then two long-ago friends I really wanted to be in touch with sent me 'invitations' to connect and since I couldn't find them online any other way, I had to either let them think I was ignoring them or cave in to FB's phone number demand. I hate being blackmailed.)

After logging in with the stealth phone number, I double-checked all the privacy settings I could find to make sure there's as little info about me as possible on the site. Where I work or where I went to school or what my hobbies are is none of their business. My friends know those things.

I understand that the NYTimes is going to start charging for access to content for heavy users (>20 articles/week). I think that's fair--producing the news does cost money, after all. I'd sign up if they offered a version of their pages that had fewer ads. Nothing blinking or flashing or chasing me around the page. They'd also have to stop cramming ads into the middle of stories. I'd want to be able to read the stories.

I do understand that sites have to be paid for, but I'd so much rather be offered the option of paying my share myself and be able to avoid being beaten into stupidity by ads.

I am not merely a consumer.

That sometimes seems to me to be the biggest difference between the Right and the Left. To the Right, the population of this country is a pool of consumers*, some of whom are insufficiently docile in the voting booth but they're gonna fix that by decimating labor rights.


* No one can deny that after our own big disaster on 9/11, instead of being asked to pull together as a country and rebuild better than ever, Bonehead asked us all to go shopping. That was the only thing he and his cronies thought millions of concerned citizens had to offer. Consumerism.

That is, I should also point out, the biggest problem with treating corporations as 'persons.' It's all too easy to lose sight of the differences between an artificial construct with a limited function and an actual human being. People do, in fact, matter to this country. Corporations do not, or at least are of infinitely less importance. Drives me nuts when idiots start thinking that people are on the planet for the health and welfare of companies instead of vice-versa.


TNSTAAFL = There's No Such Thing As A Free Lunch, btw

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