Comments: Huh.

Thanks so much for the divorce link. A much needed smile in advance of the State of the Re-Election Campaign speech.

And the Pickering appointment is kind of a mixed blessing: a fabulous campaign issue for Democrats and Republicans alike. What will be interesting (is there a reporter in this country capable of following up on a story like this?) is what Pickering does as a judge: he'd better be on his best behavior for the next 11 months.....

Posted by Jonathan Dresner at January 20, 2004 02:53 AM

You may be right about the Pickering appointment and I hope someone does track and publicize what he does over the next 11 months. And for longer.

In the end, I'm more concerned about the cumulative effects of a slate of conservative judges over couple of decades or more than about the possibility that one judge will do something entirely outrageous. Without doing any one thing that's actionable (and he'd be crazy to do anything like that after the controversy surrounding his nomination), Pickering could still have a very negative impact on the balance of the bench.

I don't object to conservative judges per se, but there's a limit. I distrust "activist" conservative judges more than "liberal" activist judges, but that's probably because I'm not a conservative.

Posted by Anne at January 20, 2004 12:47 PM