Comments: Who Googled Me?

I actually have a couple good ones this time on my search engine referral list:

"what do humans eat that are fish and are in the food chain you schmucks" is probably my favorite.

"How to write an debatable essay on lawn and flower care" sounds fascinating too.

"Best Christian chatrooms on the web" just mystifies me, but "girls photo pen friend" kinda scares me.

Posted by Elayne Riggs at February 14, 2004 06:59 AM

Okay, those are at least as weird as anything I've gotten, yes. I'm almost tempted to want to see a "debatable" essay on lawn care...but at the last moment common sense kicks in and reminds me that brain cells do not regenerate.

I love my search engine results. I mean, the very idea that anything I've written could, even in Google's mechanical brain, be considered an answer to those queries is endlessly amusing to me.

Posted by Anne at February 15, 2004 05:51 PM