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NASCAR is the most widely watched and attended sport in the US. Just as presidents have attended baseball games (before anyone thought to consider baseball fans a "demographic") in the past, it is a fabulous platform for exposure. The NASCAR audience appears to be more politically homogenous than most other sports audiences because of its association with the south, but I suspect that the appearance is deceiving. But, like any sport (For the Record, I'm a Baseball and Sumo fan, and in both I enjoy watching lower division play at least as much as professional level: Go Kernels!) you either find it attractive or not, dramatically captivating or not.

I could make a good case for NASCAR being unaffected by the steroids which have obliterated my interest in other professional sports, but I could also make a good case for NASCAR as a form of geekdom......

p.s. I'm doing what I can to lower the level of discourse on Cliopatria.....

Posted by Jonathan Dresner at February 16, 2004 06:01 PM

I don't let Lileks bother me. I don't usually read him. But I think it's useful to keep an eye on the opposition. A lot of people treat Lileks like he's, I dunno, insightful or something. I like to be reminded every now and then that their idea of "insight" is ...well, cracked.

Posted by Avedon at February 16, 2004 10:07 PM

Jonathan - Well, allow me to point out that in contrast to 'popular wisdom' I don't consider baseball fans a 'demographic' either.

A demographic should be some voter bloc with a commonality of interest(s) that a candidate can appeal to. It is not just any venue where a lot of people are sitting together. I'm a baseball fan myself but I certainly don't assume that I and the ten people sitting around me in the stands have anything outside of baseball in common.

I appreciate the assistance on Cliopatria. :)

Avedon - I have moments when I agree with you - that we should know what the nuts in the opposition are saying. Then I remember I swore off using invective and I confine myself to reading what the sane people on the Right are saying.

I backslide. There are moments Noonan is so stupid I just can't resist poking at her, so I certainly understand the fun in kicking sand on the shoes of a target as easy as Lileks.

Posted by Anne at February 17, 2004 08:10 AM