Comments: Thinking fast

Bush, Cheney & this Administration aren't capable of telling the truth about anything connected with this war in Iraq & the so-called WMD's that were never found, nor the deception & misappropriation of funds approved by Congress to fight this war, or almost anything else concerning domestic issues & the US economy & these lists are long. Just for starters, the outrageous prices we're paying at the pumps for their own self interest & political advantage in the fall, when the Saudi's increase production & lower costs prior to the November election. This whole administration is based on lies & deception of American citizens & our men & women serving in the military, some making the ultimate sacrifice for an invasion in this country where there was no real justification. Not only have we sacrificed the lives of our own men & women in uniform, but also those of thousands & thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens, destroyed their homeland & devastated the lives of so many families, as well as placed a tremendous tax burden on our own taxpayers which will be endured for many generations to come. Once we were a nation that attained & considered to be amongst those highest respected in the world, but are no longer. Perhaps some of these facts will be written in our history books, along with the legacy of the Bush/Cheney Administration perceived as one of the worst failures this country has ever witnessed.

Posted by Doris Edds at April 28, 2004 04:02 PM