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Don't hold your breath waiting for military ops to have names that reflect the reality of war. I've been complaining that Memorial Day parades should have at least one float dedicated to the psycho nightmare of war and the pain of the people left behind but that's not going to happen either. It's Hemingway all the way and it stinks.

Posted by eRobin at April 8, 2004 01:15 PM

The "Alamo is Overrated" posting is indeed remarkable writing, though if you read enough wartime narratives, that kind of panic, disorder and abandonment is, unfortunately, common. It's a terrible situation, which is [I told you so moment] why some of us supported better preparation and less militarized solutions.

My favorite bit (odd, but it's what stands out) was her acknowledgement that as a woman she is not eligible for the combat badges which men under those conditions earn, even though she was armed, under fire and doing her job with great courage and skill. Truly absurd.

Posted by Jonathan Dresner at April 8, 2004 09:07 PM

eRobin, if parades memorializing our war dead were actually reflective of war, people couldn't take their kids. Won't happen.

Or, like wossname's latest movie, the floats would become exercises in excess, with the point being more to outdo the previous float than to be true to life (so to speak).

Posted by Anne at April 9, 2004 09:58 AM

Jonathan - Not surprisingly, the part that stood out to me was the brief outburst about how religious fundamentalists always base their power on the idea of repressing women - that when such men think they have "their" women "under control" then they strut around smugly, preening themselves on their accomplishments. (I'm paraphrasing liberally.)

And I remember the bit about how a colleague cleaned her gun for her one night - she said it was self-preservation on his part because she was a better shot.

Posted by Anne at April 9, 2004 10:01 AM