Comments: And So It Begins

Easterbrook's "alternate history" is pretty amusing. His assumption that the appropriate response to 9/11 would also have been the appropriate preventative measures is blatantly wrong. His assumption that our responses, particularly the invasion of Iraq on empty promises, are not violations of international law and impeachable is also wrong. And his assumption that the president would not do something impeachable in order to prevent thousands (and counting) of American deaths and regional disorder is telling, as well.

Republicans are trying to argue that there was "no choice," no viable alternatives to the history the way it happened. That we live in the best of all possible worlds (c.f. Leibniz, Pangloss).

Posted by Jonathan Dresner at April 12, 2004 02:26 PM

Well, I'm glad it wasn't just me. I was snickering all the way through it. (I checked the date on the post twice to make certain it wasn't an April Fool post.

A very apt quote. Wish I'd thought of it.

Posted by Anne at April 12, 2004 05:12 PM