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It's not just Clinton. Thomas Reeves, on HNN, called JFK "the most scandalous president in history" for his personal failings. Sure, he had mafia contacts, but those were pretty useful at times......

They are really contributing to the eventual rise of a fascistic "non-political" leadership. Deliberately? I don't know. Yet.

Posted by Jonathan Dresner at April 12, 2004 02:21 PM

What always stops me in my tracks is the question of whether or not they're really that smart.

Mostly I think, "no" but then sometimes I look at the last 20 years and think, well, maybeso.

Posted by Anne at April 12, 2004 05:13 PM

You're the second blogger I've read today who considers herself old-school conservative. (I think Roxanne was the other one.) I've always been a liberal/leftist so I guess I haven't changed that much over the years. :)

Posted by Elayne Riggs at April 12, 2004 06:55 PM

John Kenneth Galbraith, a famous liberal economist who worked in the JFK administration, wrote a book in 1958 called "The Affluent Society." In the introduction to the book he writes, "I am a conservative, I wish to conserve things, and therefore, by a strange quirk of the language, I am called a liberal."

Posted by Lawrence Krubner at April 14, 2004 11:52 AM

And Lawrence gets the prize. :)

I'd forgotten about the Galbraith book, but I did in fact read it (a long time ago) and I don't doubt the ideas in it are at the root of my version of "conservatism."

Posted by Anne at April 14, 2004 12:46 PM