Comments: Wash-day Blues

Ha! It makes me glad we rent a duplex and we have a laundry room all our own downstairs. Getting laundry room etiquette from my kids, though, is just about as frustrating...

Posted by MJ Norton at May 21, 2004 09:12 PM

I am way off of task this morning because of a show I saw this morning about Sweden - I posted this at one of the sites your blog is linked to:

I was working at my computer this morning, here in Maryland in the U.S.A. - as I checked my email caught an educational show about Sweden on "Cable in the Classroom" - our Yank effort at educating our children about things via television.

I became intrigued by Sweden during this show, out of the corner of my eye the tiny screen in my monitor showed happy Swedes boating and riding very nice bikes. The camera panned beautiful mountains and forests and went on about how Sweden, since they have not been involved in any wars for so long, could devote that money to technology and development. The way this show went on made Sweden look like a Utopia - with promises of a practically perfect welfare system as well, which is part of the reason that Sweden has one of the "highest standards of living in the world." I got all worked up and was thinking WOW, Sweden looks COOL! So I was Instant Messaging with my husband about it and he said, "It'd be like living in Ikea." I said, "HEY!!! YEAH!!!" Because I LOVE Ikea - I even have an "Ikea" photo series I am working on (some of them are posted at because I LOVE IKEA! Whenever I notice things like the string they have for you to tie things to your car and the place you can dump your batteries for recycling, I think, "Boy, those Swedes are smart!" Not that American companies don't know that they could do such things, they just don't take the trouble - but it's part of the reason I will drive 45 minutes to Ikea when I have a dozen stores I could buy furniture and accessories at three minutes from my house.

So, out of my excitement for Sweden I start poking around on the Internet and have found these postings about Laundry Room stuff. It was SO FUNNY to me how bent people could get over this! Also, what an epidemic it seems to be! Don't Swedes have room for compact stacked machines in their apartments? Don't any Swedes live in houses with a laundry room? I can do laundry any time I want (and I never want to) and it's funny to think of what a great joy it is to have access to clean underwear! :)

---When I woke up this morning who knew I would have such and educational day!

My boyfriend lives in a 1930's era apartment building in Greenbelt Maryland, with ONE washer and ONE dryer in the basement. I have been in there ONCE, then I started insisting he bring his laundry to my house, where I have my own washer and dryer in its own little closet here in suburbia.

I was about 20 years old the last time I lived in an apartment where I had to share laundry facilities. It's nostalgic for me to read your blog - I could just picture myself running for the basket after that 15 second delay - the moist lint on the floor, poor ventilation of moist hot air - AH smells like my early-20's! Heh.

Posted by Heather Bartlett at May 26, 2004 10:12 AM