Comments: Coffee and Complaining

Isn't it reasonable to say that the conservative era peaked around 1991 - 1995 when Rush Limbaugh was at his peak and Newt Gingrich seemed more powerful than the President? Isn't it reasonable to say that in the winter of 1996 the American electorate began to shift to the Left? If the current conservative era began in 1968, didn't it begin to end in 1996? In April of 1995, with the Okalhoma City bombing, Americans got to see where pure hatred of the government lead. If it weren't for the resurgence of nationalist sentiment after 9-11, I think the pattern would be clear. Think of what a moderate tone descended on the public in the late 90s, compared to the early 90s. Or to put it another way, if the Lewinsky scandal had happened in 1995, when Clinton was still hated, isn't it obvious he would have been forced to resign?

Posted by Lawrence Krubner at July 11, 2004 09:39 PM