Comments: No News Today

If you are going to read about the South you need to use as many first person accounts as possible. No one would be more surprise than Jefferson Davis that he his honored in the South today. He was one of the most maligned people that existed during his life, and the North didn't think much of him either.

Mary Chestnut's diary is a good place to start.

Posted by Bryan at July 19, 2004 04:10 PM

Thanks for the suggestion, Bryan, and don't get me wrong, but I'm not, in fact, trying to learn anything about the south.

I'm trying to learn why some people in the south are and have for years been fantasizing that those states used to be some noble utopia.

It has nothing to do with history and everything to do with creating a make-believe world for....for whatever reason. (I haven't figured that one out yet.)

Posted by Anne at July 19, 2004 09:14 PM