Comments: A Mixed Bag

I want that bumper sticker.

Posted by Mighty Hunter at July 22, 2004 03:02 PM

Of course, the nation is starving for information. The Bush Administration obsession with secrecy is, I think, part of the reason why books by insiders, like Richard Clark, have been such hits.

In this, as in so many other ways, the Bush Administration seems to be going against the currents of history. The Internet has brought an unprecedented openness, or at least possible openness, to American society, but also, in addition, to international society. It's never been easier for me to get the opinions of Australians, Brits, or even those Germans and Iraqi's who have weblogs and write in English. It is an era of openness, and so it is rather strange that now the world's most powerful nation has what is perhaps the most secret obsessed administration in its history.

Posted by Lawrence Krubner at July 26, 2004 09:00 PM