Comments: Follow. The. Money.

"Funds allocated to build a new embassy in Iraq, up to: $2,000,000,000,000."

Given that two trillion dollars is the entire U.S. government budget for a year, this seems a tad implausible. Even one hundred times less -- twenty billion dollars -- seems a bit implausible, as I believe no building on planet Earth has ever cost remotely such a figure. The most expensive building ever built is said to be the Hong Kong Shanghai Bank at approximately one billion dollars.

Also, your link doesn't go to any entry, but simply to the the MoJo blog, where a "find" search finds no entry for the word "embassy." (I don't doubt that you read an entry there; it simply would be useful to link to it if you're discussing it, rather then simply linking to an entire blog; I'm rather curious to know more about how one can build a building that costs two trillion dollars, myself.)

Incidentally, the HTML of your blog is written in a way that sizes your comment box in such a way that IE 5.5 completely prevents reaching the bottom where the "post" button is; I had to temporarily switch to another browser on this Pentium 1 to post this.

Posted by Gary Farber at January 29, 2005 07:29 PM