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Part of the confusion is the military keeping a distinction between casualties eligible for the purple heart and those not. I added the definition of casualty (some folks stop at merely lost to the organization, not quite correct) although the term "seriously" is of course not well-defined (I suspect there are some metrics, but I'm not aware of them).

However, as for keeping it a secret, hardly:

(this is the one with KIA; WIA; WIA RTD - so it doesn't have the "seriously ill" numbers - hence, it shows 12K or so.

This is only for Army folks, but is the more comprehensive listing, including NBI and the 3 top sources (to include a glossary which breaks down components - for example, psychiatric between suicidal, depressed; adjustment issues). As usual, it's "diseases" which cause the most issue (although at a lower rate historically than in US military history).

Consequently, Disease/Non-Battle Injury rates have been lower than any other (US) conflict ---testimony by David Chu, UnderSecretary of Defense (Personnel & Readiness) to Congressional Committee last month

The Army is taking the majority of these figures, but obviously the total figure is slightly higher when adding the other services, especially the US Marine Corps.

Another site - especially if you want to breakdown figures by states

Casualty. Any person who is lost to the organization by reasons of having been declared dead, missing, captured, interned, wounded, injured, or seriously ill.

The point - the figures are there for those that want to do a little research, compare to historical figures, and make some informed analytical conclusions as opposed to grasping onto one or two statistics to support a pre-determined or desired position.

Posted by Col Steve at March 8, 2005 11:00 PM

Col Steve:

Thanks for the information. (It may "be there" but it's harder to find than you understand, for those of us not familiar with the DoD/Pentagon websites.

Thanks also for the explanations.

I haven't had a chance to read comprehensively on these sites yet, but I have them bookmarked for this weekend.

Posted by Anne at March 10, 2005 01:19 PM