Comments: Impeachment

It's not like you have to work hard at it: he's violated the plain text of the Constitution, in addition to fraud and deception well beyond that which Clinton perpetrated in importance.

The failure of Congress to even debate impeachment, coupled with the judicial merry-go-round (am I the only person who got a little motion-sick at the constant repetition of "up or down" "up or down" "up or down"?) concept of "advice and consent" and any doubts I had about the Imperial Presidency are pretty much gone.

Posted by Ahistoricality at June 1, 2005 12:28 AM

And if you're serious, there's a blogger alliance we can join.

Posted by Ahistoricality at June 1, 2005 05:14 AM

I share your motion-sickness.

I also got a bit queasy watching the Right rewriter history to pretend they never filibustered.

I joined the BBA a couple of days ago, although I have yet to make my post.

Posted by Anne at June 1, 2005 08:18 AM