Comments: Ex-Gay In Action

You ask whether those who think gays choose their sexual orientation think about how hard it would be for them to change. It's hardly an original theory, but I suspect that they do think about that, and that many of them find it easy to imagine someone choosing to be gay because they are themselves sexually confused or indeed closeted gays.

Of course, I also find the issue of choice to be a red herring, as I expect you do as well. Suppose it were chosen; there still wouldn't be any legitimate societal interest in controlling how people chose. Consider an analogy. When it comes to women, I'm not at all picky about race. Now, I don't think I could choose to only find one race attractive, but it would surely be within my power to choose to date only one race (say, my own, as some extreme conservatives probably still think I should). But surely the fact that I could choose to do that (and it wouldn't even be a huge hardship; there are plenty of white women around I find quite attractive) doesn't in any way give anyone the right to force me to do so; we consider it progress that laws of that kind have been repealed and social pressures in that area are easing.

Posted by Protagoras at July 19, 2005 05:54 PM

You're quite right and I shouldn't have allowed myself to be sidetracked by the issue of "choice or not." It doesn't matter if it's a's still no one's business.

And I agree with you that many of our more outspoken homophobes are undoubtedly either closeted or confused. I hadn't thought of that as a reason why they'd assume others are 'choosing' to be gay. After all, they're 'choosing' not to be, right?

And that answers another question, maybe. They're so violently anti-gay because they're bitter that others didn't make...or didn't have to make the choice they made?

Posted by Anne at July 19, 2005 06:32 PM